TikTok is Influencing Pop Culture and the World

TikTok Influencing Pop Culture

TikTok is influencing pop culture in big ways. In fact, it’s changing the world. It has become much more than just a source of amusement.

Trending challenges, pop culture reimagined, and content that’s bite-sized are just a few ways to characterize this social media app. It’s where people have found their community through making or watching videos. Because of its limitless creativity and global possibilities, TikTok is influencing pop culture and the world.

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking platform that began gaining traction in 2018. The site is brimming with creative content, ranging from duets to comedy skits to video tutorials and challenges. Further, all of these have the potential to become global hits.

To aid in the creation of creative videos, content creators are given tools such as special effects, filters, and music. As a result, viewers are given a stream of content that is tailored to them.

The substantial engagement they receive has propelled these videos to viral status, making them pillars in pop culture and daily life. TikTok videos are being talked about and posted all over the internet. Therefore, even those who don’t have the app are being lured to join in on the fun.

The platform’s main goal is to encourage creativity and deliver entertainment to its users. However, the app has become more than just a source of amusement for many individuals. It has altered their lives.

Here are some of the ways TikTok is influencing pop culture and the rest of the world.


Influencing Education

On the app, students can access videos on topics such as language, science, history, and arithmetic. Even everyday talents like cooking and gardening are gaining popularity. There are certain TikTok content creators whose purpose is to help kids learn new things.

Other creators are trying to explain particular topics in interactive methods, such as bite-sized visuals and explainers. Some people find these videos to be a good addition to what they study in school. Many others enjoy TikTok because it provides information quickly and in a fun way.

Learning is being redefined on this platform. Content creators constantly come up with innovative content. And in doing so, they are providing educational resources to consumers looking to expand their horizons.


Encouraging Self-Expression

With a platform like this, individuals have the freedom to be as creative as they want with no restrictions. There are many tools available to assist them in their creativity. A little inspiration and imagination are all anyone needs to create a viral video on TikTok.

The app has encouraged people to reveal their actual selves, flaws and all. Users share with a community of like-minded individuals, which empowers people to express themselves. Even mundane hobbies are gaining popularity as people who share a common interest form a community.


Discovering Talent

On TikTok, talent is recognized in all forms. People just starting in their jobs can become celebrities just as rapidly as those who have been around longer. It all comes down to having fun with your content and making it shareable and interactive.

With TikTok, a previously unpopular song can suddenly reappear on the charts from the popularity of a dance challenge. Creators might publish something seemingly ordinary that results in a viral video, leading to many professional options. As a result of this trend, careers flourish and the lives of some content creators are forever altered.

For example, Zendee Tenerefe is an artist who rose to fame with song covers and music adaption videos. Her friends encouraged her to create an account and she began lip-syncing and doing dancing videos. Eventually, she began creating her own content as a vocalist.

Zendee isn’t the only success story. This platform has inspired people to break out of their shells and put their own spin on current challenges. This has resulted in the discovery of thousands of new talents.

Furthermore, viewers are being introduced to talented individuals whom they might support or aspire to.


Supporting Inclusivity and Cultural Diversity

It makes no difference what ethnicity or country someone is from. As long as the content is engaging and shareable, it will be popular on the platform. Content on the app has been encouraging cultural variety and making it hip.

In addition, it is bringing culture to a modern setting where young people can relate. People’s inherent humorous and positive aspects are appreciated and shown locally.

TikTok sensation YanYan De Jesus soared to fame thanks to his energetic dance covers and comedic appearances. He is also the Talent Category Grand Winner of the 2019 TikTok SEA All-Star Championship. He says that he admires the TikTok community since it is worldwide and accepting, regardless of where one was born.

Regardless of nationality, gender, background, or any other identification, the platform is happy to be a place where everyone belongs.


Influencing Career Makeovers

On TikTok, anyone, young or old, famous or unknown, has the opportunity to spark a trend. Even those who believe their career has come to an end have been able to do so. The amazing story of award-winning Filipino actress Gina Pareno exemplifies this.

The 70-year-old veteran actress launched on TikTok in May 2020, influenced by her granddaughter. She was pleasantly astonished to discover that she could still draw large crowds in her latter years. Pareno, who goes by the handle @yourlolagets, has over 850,000 followers on Instagram.

The TikTok platform is where you may be yourself and express yourself any way you choose.



While the app began as a simple entertainment platform, it has evolved into much more over time. As a result, it is benefiting both content providers and viewers.

Furthermore, TikTok is influencing pop culture in unexpected ways and has changed the lives of many people. This is especially true for those who have become famous. In addition, the platform has offered immediate smiles to those who are merely scrolling.

People are pushing so much innovative and inspiring content that the app has become part of pop culture. It is apparent that trends begin on TikTok. Start your own TikTok experience today!


Image Credit: Cottonbro; Pexels; Thank you!

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