Titanfall Assault – Prepare for Titanfall!

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Titanfall Assault is a bold attempt by Respawn Entertainment, Nexon, and Particle City to transfer the mech-filled, parkour-powered FPS action of Titanfall to mobile devices. Clearly it could not emulate the original gameplay, but what has been crafted here is more than excellent enough on its own; adding new, satisfying wrinkles to the Clash Royal formula.

The core principles are very familiar for those who have played in the genre. Two players enter a single, condensed strategy map, summon units to the field, and try to take out each other’s base before time runs out. In fact, if you recently tried SIEGE: Titan Wars after reading our review, you’re well versed in the core ideas at play. So, what does Titanfall Assault do to differentiate itself from the competition?

To start, destroying your opponent is not your only means of victory. Instead, there are three control points you must attack on the way to your opponent’s base, and holding them all for long enough will guarantee you a far more immediate victory.

Complementing this – rather than a ton of offensive attacks, Titanfall Assault opts for defensive abilities that emphasize strategic thinking. Some, like auto-turrets, can even be deployed on top of buildings, which is handy, because each player’s primary units aren’t giant armies, but a trio of pilots who can run and jump all over the map.

Additionally, each pilot, titan, and special unit has a different role to play, be it demolition, support, or assault. This results in a rock-paper-scissors mentality, where you want the demolition units hitting structures and titans, support counter assault by healing units and providing covering fire, and assault taking out demolition units. It’s a fantastic interplay that’s immediately accessible thanks to clear icons denoting each unit’s role.

All of this would come down in flames though if it didn’t have solid AI pathing ensuring your units respond properly, and I’m happy to say Titanfall Assault nails this. Your units will automatically respond as your opponent presses your battle lines, and understand what their roles are without much direction. It helps that you can also spawn them in at each hardpoint you have captured, so you don’t have to wait for them to traipse up the map if you’re on a groove.[sc name=”quote” text=”Overall, I’m blown away.”]

If you’re worried that these new mechanics might sound complicated, fear not – Titanfall Assault has a full practice mode that expands as you progress in competitive multiplayer. There are multiple maps to play across, and new AI commanders to tussle with as you attain higher ranks.

Not to be outdone, Titanfall Assault even has a built-in game recording feature. While I captured all my footage with my camera, this is a solid option for those who want to highlight their greatest moments or just show off some battles. It’s as simple as marking a check mark on the main menu, so feel free to try it out.

Even from a visual standpoint, Titanfall Assault is solid. Titanfall games don’t tend to be the most colorful games, but Titanfall Assault is more than eager to make up for that. Titans and pilots bear striking colors as they charge across battlefields that capture the feel of Titanfall’s iconic space western maps. Everything is crisp and easy to understand.

If there is one complaint I will levy at Titanfall Assault, it’s that the loading times are just a bit longer than is ideal. Were it truly an FPS on the scale of the franchise its based on, I’d understand, but these are not big maps, and matchmaking itself takes seconds by comparison. It’s something that should be addressed in future patches, but for now, anticipate waiting a bit as each battle loads.

Overall, I’m blown away. Titanfall on mobile sounded like a mad prospect,  and yet… here we are. Titanfall Assault is a solid strategy title that fans of the franchise and newbies alike should have a blast with. I highly recommend it.

Available on iOS and Android.

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