Top 5 Best Mystery Apps

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Add a little adventure and mystery to your life with mysterious games designed to get you thinking, solving clues and unraveling the puzzle.

Below are five mysterious gaming apps:

Year Walk

Year Walk is a first person adventure that very cleverly uses a mix of 2D and 3D graphics to create an immersive supernatural experience. The story behind Year Walk is based on Swedish folk lore, adding a nice touch of culture and truth to the whole game.

The actual game takes place in 19th century Sweden where you find yourself in a forest surrounded by unusual creatures on a quest to find out what truly happened on New Year’s Eve in the forest, by solving cryptic puzzles and searching for clues. With such a creepy theme and eerie graphics, Year Walk is sure to suck you into the mystery and leave you truly spooked.

[appbox appstore id555916407]

Hidden Object: Mystery of the Secret Guardians

Hidden object games are extremely popular and feature a range of different themes and styles, Mystery of the Secret Guardians is exactly what its name hints, a chance for you to solve the mystery of the Guardians while finding hidden objects to help you. Explore a haunted house, searching for clues with 30 beautiful levels and some very cleverly hidden objects. As you find objects and uncover clues the mystery starts to unravel and you will find yourself hooked and desperate to solve the mystery.

[appbox appstore id674394902]

[appbox googleplay net.bigbearentertainment.android_ho_guardians]

The Room

The Room is a physical puzzler mystery game with unseating graphics that will cause you to forget you are playing a game on your phone and not actually trapped in a haunted house. The game starts with a creepy message from someone claiming to be your friend, apologizing for trapping you and seeking your help to solve the mysteries of their research.

Throughout the game, you are presented with different objects from around the house that each feature their own puzzle that must be solved to answer unanswered questions and find your way out. The Room is an addictive mystery game that hooks you from the very beginning.

[appbox appstore id552039496]

[appbox googleplay com.FireproofStudios.TheRoom]

To the Moon

To the Moon is an interesting mystery game where you play as two doctors who have a very strange job. Dr Watts and Dr Rosalene work with patients on their deathbed performing a mysterious operation that allows them to relive their entire live in their mind, giving them a second chance to fulfil their dying wishes.

The story features Jonny an elderly man who is currently reliving his live and dealing with forgotten memories, help the doctors as they try to piece the memories of Jonny’s life together and understand why he chose to fulfil this particular dying wish. The actual gameplay feels very much like an old style Game Boy style game both in terms of graphics and the way that you interact with the world and solve puzzles.

[appbox appstore id1159700098]

[appbox googleplay com.xd.tothemoon]

Pavilion: Touch Edition

Pavilion throws you in at the deep end with no tutorials or introduction, you instead find yourself in an immersive dream like world where you can interact with every element of your surroundings. Just like the once popular Myst games, it is all down to you to discover where you are and what is going on, by experimenting with what you see around you and solving puzzles you must piece together what you find to solve the mysteries of Pavilion. This is not a game for the casual puzzle solver but instead a true adventurer looking for a challenge.

Pavilion is worth playing for the graphics alone, for a mobile game the graphics are truly amazing and could easily be pieces of art work that you find yourself staring at, taking in all of the intricate details while time vanishes before you.

[appbox appstore id1088111993]

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