Top IOS Apps for Keeping Up with News

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With information on events from around the world being accessible to billions of people in a matter of minutes, news is one of the most connecting pieces of content that is available today. As news becomes less physical to encompass a more digital presence, many news based apps are available on the App Store which covers various niches from international events to those that are more domestic. Whether users are students who are reading the news to be more informed to professionals who rely on the news to make crucial decisions, this article lists the best ones that cover the latest events for nearly any category and demographic.

CNN: Breaking US & World News, Live Video

As one of the most popular new sources available, CNN offers a number of correspondents and bureaus in different parts of the world that can help users stay informed on a variety of topics. To ensure that users always receive the most up-to-date information, CNN has custom alert settings that can notify its users with only the news that they are interested in, effectively removing the content that readers do not care about. As the app is able to replace newspapers, it can also transition users from television news to watching live events right on the app as it can stream content in real time. This ensures that no matter where users are, they can get live news delivered to their device instead of having to watch it on a traditional television. For those who are interested in receiving information about the latest events in the form of photo galleries, news clips, and in-depth stories, CNN is one of the best and most popular sources for  tracking development from around the world.


For those who are more interested in finance related news, Bloomberg is the go-to source that is able to give comprehensive access to finance news, portfolio tracking tools, and global businesses from only the most trusted sources. Whether users want to discover any breaking financial news or simply monitor their portfolio, Bloomberg is regarded as one of the best in the space.  Although the app primarily focuses on business news, there are many segments within the business sector that can be applied to both industry professionals as well as those looking to simply be more informed. For example, a few of the categories within the app include trending stories, business news, markets and securities, analysis on personal holdings, and global finance. Similar to CNN, Bloomberg also has live viewing of the news, although it is primarily aimed at financial and business news as opposed to all news. When relying on news to make decisions, Bloomberg is one of the best tools on the App Store to gain both valuable and credible insights.

Flipboard: News For Every Passion

With millions of users, Flipboard is an award-winning app that brings news, conversations around any passion, and popular stories in smaller portions to enhance retention and readability. Instead of presenting all of the text at once, the app breaks the stories down so that they can be navigated by flipping through. This makes it so that reading becomes more engaging with more than a single image with a block of text that is difficult to follow. With such a wide array of interest to explore or people to follow, Flipboard was created to cater to the needs of nearly anyone given the variety in topics of finance to technology. By subscribing to certain topics, the dashboard becomes highly personalized to every user and only desired news is shown instead of displaying the same news to all users. With such a unique way to keep up with the news, Flipboard is a must-have for those who are looking to easily consume information on the latest events.

TuneIn Radio – Stream Live Radio

While reading the news is often associated with reading, the radio is an alternative form of news content that is often overlooked. With Tuneln Radio, users can enjoy one of their favorite radio stations without any cost, including access to news stations. As the app has one of the largest selections of music, talk, sports, and news, it is perfect for those who like to gain information on the news while doing other activities that may restrict the ability to read such as driving or walking. Furthermore, users of TuneIn Radio are able to record the station that is playing to save it for later if they are unable to listen to it during the time that it is broadcasted. Given access to any radio station from around the world, the app is perfect for keeping up with both international and domestic news no matter where users may be. Free on the App Store, TuneIn Radio is a highly recommended tool that is able to delivery auditory news as an alternative to reading.

Google Play Newsstand – News & Magazines for you

Google Play Newsstand is a custom-made news reader that is a central destination for browsing any topic, news source, or magazines that users may be interested in. With the app, users can access free news sources, premium content, and even specialized publications that may not be available elsewhere. Collected from only the most credible organizations, Google Play Newsstand ensures readers always receive the best information instead of having to gauge the trustworthiness of the news sources themselves. With news that is aggregated, users of the app are able to keep up with current events from anywhere in the world utilizing a central tool. Furthermore, news can be saved for offline reading at a later time so that having a constantly internet connection is not required when using the app, making it one that is highly recommended for regular usage.

Given that the world becomes increasingly connected through the use of technology, keeping up with the news becomes more and more relevant every day. From audio to text-based news, the apps listed in this article are able to provide a wide range of tools that can be utilized in order to keep updated in a highly convenient and mobile way.

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