Must-Have Travel Apps for Summer Vacations

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The summer season has just started and everyone is gearing up for summer vacations. From bookmarking favorite blogs to learning a second language to piling up books in beach bags, you may have thought of everything to make your journey as painless as possible. But are you forgetting something? Consider some excellent travel apps to help you out.

Yes! There is an endless list of travel apps that can assist you in simplifying your trip. You can find cheap flights, breathtaking destinations, hygienic hotels to stay and everything which can make your trip the most pleasant memory possible.

There is no shortage of travel apps available on Android and Apple marketplaces. However, truth be told, some are terrible. For that reason, you need to sort out the good ones. Here are some must-have apps that stand out from the crowd.


TripIt is an ideal and must-have travel app. It helps you to organize, manage and track your itineraries seamlessly.

All you need to do is forward your travel details including your hotel, restaurant, flight, and other car rental confirmation to [email protected]. Then it will transfer all the details to your master itinerary. After that, you can easily look at all the upcoming plans at once.

In short, this app makes sure that you get to your planned destination effortlessly while exploring the nearby restaurants and hotels. The free version works great but if you are a frequent traveler then upgrading to the pro version can give you many benefits. With the pro version, you receive automatic notifications for flight delays, cancellations, and alternative routes.

Weather Pro

This app is a good resource when you are traveling to some places with extreme weather conditions within Europe.

This app, developed by MeteoGroup, displays radar and satellite animations while covering 2 million global locations. Its predictions are most accurate within Europe as the MeteoGroup station is located in Germany and Switzerland.

It’s available for both Android and Apple devices and is free to get an overview of upcoming weather predictions. However, the paid version offers more detailed temperature forecasts such as hourly updates.


Citymapper helps you find your destination using the shortest route possible. It provides detailed instructions for each spot, such as where to find the nearest train stations and bus. Moreover, you can keep a record of when the next arrivals are scheduled.

This app collects data in real-time, covering the departure and travel times with updates on service disruptions as well. With the availability of the chat feature in this app, you can share your ETA with your friends and family.

This is the best app for traveling to unfamiliar destinations or find a subway station. Thankfully, it’s available for both Android and Apple devices.


Hopper traveling app is very useful when you want to keep a close eye on the prices of flights. This way you can decide on booking your seat when the flight fare is cheapest. You can save 40 percent of the fare just by using this app!

Moreover, you can use its price monitoring feature to receive alerts when the price goes down for any selected flight. Apart from this, it also offers you to compare the prices of different airlines to decide which one is easy on your wallet.

Time Out

Summer vacations are not all about booking your flights or getting to your destination in a timely manner. It’s also about exploring different places or performing different activities during the trip.

This is where the Time Out app comes into play. It gives you effective suggestions on things to do, places to visit and eat, and locations to see around the world. This event finder tool can even help you book restaurants and concert tickets so you spend most of your time enjoying the trip.

When you are traveling somewhere far from your home, you may get into some trouble, especially with the poor network coverage. You must have an offline app to guide you in your route in case you get lost somewhere totally unknown. is a go-to app that provides offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation. This can be handy when you are traveling to a place with poor network coverage. Another huge plus of this app is that it includes hotels, restaurants, stores, and more places along the route.

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Undoubtedly traveling can be an effortless experience for those who do it frequently. While there are many people who find it stressful, it’s worth trying to find a good spot and doing the legwork to make sure everything goes as expected. Some traveling apps do a great job of offering a useful helping hand in time of need. Some do not.

These essential apps can help you make sure everyone spends most of their time enjoying themselves. Having these apps on your phone can make your journey far easier and more relaxing. So, get ready for your summer vacations with everything else, but don’t forget about having these important travel apps to ease your journey.

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