Trell App: What Is It?

trell app

Trell App is in many aspects similar to the popular TikTok application used by many people globally nowadays. This app also gives people options to record short videos with a vast amount of filters and effects provided through the app. The users can also share their videos through the app with other users and it is also possible for them to share their videos on social media platforms. You also have the option to download the videos and share and like them.

Features of Trell App

Trell app is a popular application that focuses on both lifestyle videos and the shopping phenomena. It is possible for the user to find the newest fashion trends, cosmetic and makeup tutorials, workout routines, cooking recipes and so much more. Since the app also allows you to do shopping, you can opt for buying your favorite beauty and personal care products.

The key features of this app can be defined by four keywords – Discovery, Creation, Share, and Shop. This means that it is easy to discover things close to your taste through the help of the Trell app. After discovering this, you can opt for creating new videos yourself, which you can further share in the app. And finally, it is easy to shop for favorite things through the app. You can buy things and use those things to make new lifestyle videos.

Benefits of Trell App: Becoming an Influencer

With the help of the Trell application, you can try to become an influencer. Influencers are popular media people nowadays with thousands of followers. If you can create a strong following, then you will be able to attract companies and organizations to recruit you for different campaigns and jobs. For developing a strong follower base, you need to learn how to use the platforms. Good knowledge of those platforms will help you to develop a more innate understanding of your followers. You need to learn about how to create digital contents which are said to be very easy through Trell.

Feature of Trell App: Found in Different Languages

People with native speech dialects are also able to share their unique videos with others. Moreover, the Trell app has been launched in Hindi, English, Bangla, Malayalam, Tamil, etc languages.

Feature of Trell App: Easy Way to Create Contents

There are options already built into the app. You will see a “Plus” icon which needs to be clicked after clicking the vlog. Then, you can easily share previously existing videos or even create a new video from the first. Some elements need to be used for creating content beautifully. Those elements help you to trim videos, add filters & also add recorded audio. Furthermore, you can also select your audience.

Feature of Trell App: Providing Incentives

Incentives like live game incorporation, reward points, and coupons help to keep the customers happy and intrigued. You can play different games and earn coins which can be further helpful in the shopping phenomenon. With those incentives, people don’t leave Trell. Rather, those rewards have certainly helped Trell to develop its mass following.

Feature of Trell App: Earning Money

Like many other social media platforms, you can monetize your account and earn money through the Trell app. The users can make videos and earn up to 50 coins per day, which you can use to cash. This feature is one of the biggest reasons why one can be tempted to use the Trell app.

Feature of Trell App: Shopping

Not many apps are available to provide people with both a video-sharing platform and a shopping platform simultaneously. You can easily watch your favorite videos and brands and easily communicate with them to buy and sell things. Therefore, the Trell app can easily become a buy-sell platform.

Reliable App

With a 4.6 rating in the play store and positive reviews, you can rely on the app for being capable of developing your brand and also for providing your money, and keeping your videos intact. The team behind Trell is said to be dynamic and available throughout the week.

Source of the Application

You can easily download the Trell app through the play store or just download apk files through the browser.

Feature of Trell App: Branding & Development

The app can help with the branding of your service, products, and company with comfort. There are so many users connected to this application platform. If you can provide proper incentives and perform proper branding steps, you will be able to gather a large following.

Furthermore, the app has distinct features of reviews and suggestions.  Anyone can review and give their suggestions. With quality reviews, good-quality branding is possible.

Feature of Trell App: Learning New Trends

The app will help users to share all new trends and all kinds of new and beautiful products. Furthermore, people will share all kinds of videos on the platform. Learning about new fashion products, fashion trends, and international & local affairs is certainly possible.


With all kinds of positive reviews and known advantages, you can certainly see the appeal of the app. So, if you want to learn and utilize those features, then you should check them out firsthand. And, it might become a good thing for you in terms of finance, branding, knowledge, and more.

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