‘Vegan One-Pot Wonders’: Recipes from satay noodles to warm chickpea salad

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Cooking without animal products should never be an obstacle. Here, Jessica Prescott shows how easy it can be with these inspirational dishes

 a nice satay udon dishUse your noodle: a nice satay udon dish(Bec Hudson)


his is a household favourite that comes together in minutes once you’ve got your water boiling. If you aren’t familiar with kaffir lime leaves, don’t be put off by their inclusion in this recipe. They are easier to find than you think and once you’ve tried them you’ll want to use them in everything.

There are very rarely any leftovers for this dish, but if there are they are delicious both hot and cold. Of course, substitute the udon or soba noodles for any noodles you like; however, thick are better, as they hold the heavy ingredients more easily.

Serves 2-4

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