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You don’t need hundreds of dollars’ worth of video editing software and a super powerful computer to become a video editing pro

You don’t need hundreds of dollars’ worth of video editing software and a super powerful computer to become a video editing pro, all you need is your smartphone or tablet and one of the many fantastic editing apps on the market and you’re ready to get creative. Whether you’re looking to edit personal videos or become the next big YouTube star there is an editing app to suite your needs.

Below are five of the top video editing apps on the market:

Adobe Premiere Clips (iOS, Android)

Adobe Premiere Clips is everything that you would expect from an Adobe product, providing you with all of the tools you could ever need to edit videos from your phone while on the move. If you’re looking for a professional app where you can create highly skilled videos look no further than Premiere Clips. Simply add your clips and pictures in the correct order and begin cutting and merging to create a professional looking video. The main features include transition tools, the ability to adjust the lighting in your video and stock audio tracks to help set the tone of your video. One huge advantage of using Adobe Premiere Clips is that all of your files are saved to the Creative Cloud, so for anyone already invested in the Adobe eco-system this is a huge plus as it makes switching between devices seamless.

Power Director Video Editor (Android)

Power Director comes with all of the tools you need to edit videos while on the go, whether you’re seeking a professional looking video or just a way to touch-up a holiday clip before showing them to friends. Add stunning effects to your videos, smooth transitions and audio clips. You can also alter your videos by adjusting their speed, rotating, splitting and trimming files to create artist clips. Despite the vast number of features and the professional results that can be achieved Power Director is still an easy to use app that allows even beginners to create spectacular videos.

Inshot – Video Editor (iOS, Android)

Inshot is a casual but still extremely effective video editing app, designed for users looking to edit short, fun videos to share with friends or Instagram. You can use Inshot to edit single video clips or to merge multiple clips together to create stunning videos. In just a few clicks you can adjust the speed of your video and the volume, as well as adding mp3 files to add a little something extra to your video. Once you are happy with the base clip you can start to add filters, text and emojis. Inshot also comes complete with the tools to make your video Instagram ready, including resizing the video so that it is square and adding colored borders. Inshot has everything you need to help you on your way to becoming an Instagram hit.

Filmmaker Pro (iOS)

If you’re looking for an app that gives you the editing experience of working on a PC but also convenient editing while on the go look no further because Filmmaker Pro is the perfect editing app for you. Filmmaker is packed with tools that allow you to create professional looking videos from your phone. Tools include the ability to merge different clips, add transitions, alter the speed and appearance of clips and add text and image overlays. Filmmaker feels like a professional tool, from the color-coded timeline that makes it easier to distinguish between assets, to the ability to select the export frame rate of your video. A nice feature is the ability to create different projects, so that you can organize your work and easily go back and make adjustments to old videos.

Video Shop (iOS, Android)

Video Shop is an extremely easy to use app that allows you to quickly cut, combine and have a little fun with your videos. Video Shop provides you with all of the tools you need to let your creativity fly including filters and the ability to add text and audio overlays. You can also play around with the appearance of your video, resizing and adding a tilt shift to add a little extra depth to your video. What really makes this editing app stand out is how easy it is to use while still offering users a wide range of tools to really make their videos unique. Video Shop has built in sharing features making it super easy to share your creations with friends.

Photo by Matan Segev from Pexels

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