Want to Improve Your Vision? Try These Apps!

One of the most important senses is vision which is said to be harmed by prolonged electronic usage such as computer and phones. However, to counter the notion that phones always have a negative influence on vision, many apps have been created to help improve and reduce the harmful nature of prolonged phone usage. As they may not be well known, this article reveals the best ones that should be used to protect and prolong healthy eye vision.

Dimly – Screen Dimmer

A highly damaging way to use the phone is in the dark, especially if the screen is on a high brightness level. Although users are able to reduce the brightness down as much as possible, this can still be too high if the screen is bright, particularly if the background is a lighter color such as white. With this issue, Dimly – Screen Dimmer is an app that is able to significantly reduce the brightness of the screen more than the standard settings allow for. In being able to reduce the screen brightness to levels that would not otherwise be possible, users can significantly reduce the damage that is done to the eyes when using the phone in the dark. One of the best features of the app is that if the screen is too dark when users are using it at night, it can be difficult to navigate the phone settings in the morning to turn it off. As a result, users can simply shake their device to turn off the Dimly – Screen Dimmer app which makes it a great tool to reduce eye damage in low-light settings.

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Eye Exercises – Eye Care Plus

To actively improve vision, it is highly recommended that those who regularly use electronic devices do a series of eye exercises each day. An app that is able to facilitate these exercises is Eye Exercises which has more than 50 high quality exercises which are proven to help a series of vision issues. For example, exercises exist for those who regularly experience lazy eye or need to relax their vision for a temporary period.

Furthermore, there are a series of tests that can gauge how the user’s vision is performing over time so that they can determine how effective the tests are. As one of the best apps for actively improving vision, Eye Exercises is highly recommended for those who wish to gradually improve their vision over time.

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Eye Exercises – Health Care Plus

Another app that is designed to facilitate eye exercises and training is Eye Exercises – Health Care Plus which is different than Eye Exercises – Eye Care Plus by combining both eye and over healthcare into a single app. Although not as comprehensive in the number of exercises that are offered by the previous app, this one offers a series of different exercises and has a focus on color related games as opposed to simple eye care. For example, ISHIHARA plates with numbers, letters, and shapes are designed to help identify color blindness as well as various games which achieve the same goal. Beyond exercises and games, a significant factor that many other apps do not take into account is the effect that diet has on vision. With this, users of Eye Exercises – Health Care Plus are able to practice eye care exercises as well as adjust their diet to ensure they have the greatest health for their vision.

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Twilight is an app that is able to dim the screen and reduce the amount of blue light that the screen emits so that is easier for the eyes to not be strained. Through the app, the phone automatically adjusts the brightness as it adds a red tint which makes it less blinding in darker environments. As an app that can run in the background, users do not have to manually adjust their settings each time they wish to use it through the automatic setting.

Beyond the automatic adjustments, users are also able to manually change their settings to include color temperature, intensity, and screen dimness. Furthermore, one of the best aspects of Twilight is that users are able to set times at which the dimmer automatically turns on and off. With this, users can sync up the app with the sunrise and sunset so that they do not have to do it themselves manually each day. Given so many settings available to reduce the intensity of the screen, Twilight is a highly recommended app for decreasing that damages eyes from prolonged usage.

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Hidden Night Mode Setting (Android only)

On Android devices, it is possible to enable a night mode setting that many people may not be familiar with. With this feature, the phone has a blue light setting that has frequencies which are not as hard on the eyes, especially when using the phone at night. All that has to be done with this is to swipe down the status bar to get the quick settings menu and then select the blue light filter mode. While many people may not know what this does, the blue light filter reduces the brightness and opacity of the phone. Furthermore, users can further customize the settings to include when the blue light is activated such as if users want it to be on right away or only when it is scheduled to be on. As a setting that not many Android users are familiar with, the Night Mode Setting is one of the easiest ways to reduce the damage that is done to eyes from prolonged phone usage.

Although using mobile phones for a long period of time is generally regarded as an activity that causes eye damage, the apps listed in this article are able to either reduce the damage that is done or actively improve the vision. From those that are able to reduce the brightness of the screen beyond the standard settings to others which have exercises to heal various eye related issues, these apps are highly recommended for those who are looking for eye care solutions.

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