White Castle and Their Emerging 100-Robot Army of Burger Flippers

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Since 1912, White Castle has been a regional hamburger restaurant and the first fast-food pioneer in the world. Now after more than 100 years, this restaurant chain has introduced a robot army on a large scale.

The French fries you ordered from any White Castle location might have been prepared with the help of robots.

The fast-food colonist and its collaborator, Miso Robotics, announced the installation of burger-flipping robots in more than 100 standalone locations. This might represent a weighty initiative of the company with the planned introduction of robots in a total of 350 locations.

So…let’s learn more about the robotic army of White Castle.

Flippy 2: Improved Flipping-Robot Version

The association between the two companies began almost a year ago when White Castle utilized a burger-flipping robot named Flippy at a single location.

Now, they’ve decided to expand their collaboration and install Flippy 2 in 100 different White Castle locations. The partnership between both companies was cemented as the upgrade of Flippy 2 enhanced the productivity of staff and made a huge impression on daily operations.

Flippy 2 is an ameliorated version of the burger-flipping machine which will take charge of the whole fry station. Additionally, the robot has proved to be very beneficial for the White Castle kitchen by doubling the food prep tasks as compared to the original.

The company will install the Flippy 2 robot in all its restaurants in immediate future. Moreover, the company expects a remarkable enhancement in its efficiency. So don’t be amazed if you see a burger-flipping machine in White Castle during your next visit.

Flippy 2 helps to create a working environment for the other team members. This includes human coworkers by reducing the complications of roles and facilitating the productivity of the White Castle kitchen.

Human coworkers will now be able to provide notable improvements for customers, thanks to the improved workflow. White Castle subsequently expects various developments such as product quality, productivity, and team member experience due to its alliance with Miso Robotics.

The Functions of Flippy 2

You can find Flippy 2 robots in the kitchen performing back-of-the-counter functions. They utilize artificial intelligence (AI) for the identification of food types such as onion, fries, burgers, or chicken fingers — and the temperature. After identifying the food, the robots pick them up, cook them, and put them in the specific fry basket.

The burger-flippers are also able to finally put the cooked food in the hot-holding area. Flippy 2 is capable of recognizing:

  • food type;
  • current temperature;
  • perfect time required for cooking food without spoiling taste for perfection; and
  • warn team members of risky internal cooking temperatures.

Burger-Flipping Machines of Miso Robotics

Funded by individual investors, Miso Robotics is a huge success. The enterprise earned more than $50 million with over 1,500 shareholders. Recently it began its series of e-funding rounds.

It’s now an established fact that we are living in the age of artificial intelligence (AI) enabled cooking revolution. Miso has launched a wing-making version of burger-flipping machines which is being evaluated by Buffalo Wild Wings.

The dominant feature of robots these days is minimizing the contact of humans in the White Castle kitchen and hence providing safety measures for pandemics.

During the closed Winter Olympic bubble, Beijing utilized robot chefs to feed guests and athletes. It’s assumed that the restaurant industry will present more robotic innovations and you will probably be seeing robots cooking your food because of recent labor shortages.

The Amazing Robot Army of White Castle

White Castle is the first fast-food company to own a robot army for flipping burgers and assisting staff during night shifts. The other purpose behind launching the flipping machines is to prepare contactless fry food.

White Castle has been serving Americans for more than 100 years and now owns 350 different restaurant locations. All of them aim to satisfy the hunger and cravings of their customers morning, noon, and night.

White Castle also aims to maintain the highest quality food products. It owns the bakeries and meat processing plants in its own food-production supply chain.

Robots promise to help to prevent the spread of viruses and to overcome labor shortages. The company has recorded the robot’s cooking speed, which is about 360 baskets of cooked food each day. The statistics showed that Flippy has cooked food that weighed 14,580 pounds in almost 9,720 baskets since its launching day.

The company is famous for the legendary loyalty of its workers and its faithful fans (affectionately known as “Cravers”). White Castle’s official app is available on Google Play or the iTunes App Store. It offers quick access to its products so Cravers can place orders at any time.

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