Why I don’t like MyFantasyTeams Pro

What is it like for fantasy players to be tied to a computer during game day? Inconvenient. Yahoo! tries to solve this problem with MyFantasyTeams Pro, but the results are disappointing considering the cost of this app.

MyFantasyTeams Pro lets you access your Yahoo-managed football, baseball, basketball and hockey fantasy teams from your iPhone. You can set your roster, view stats and get analysis of head-to-head match-ups. And you can get real-time updates if you have Yahoo’s free Stat Tracker, which, surprisingly, is not built into this $3.99 app.

MyFantasyTeams Pro’s usefulness pretty much ends after you update your fantasy teams. Worse, the free version of MyFantasyTeams has almost all of the same features. It doesn’t let you view pending trades, trade offers or waiver requests and doesn’t let you add, drop or trade players or access message boards. But once the game begins, those features are rarely used anyway.

For the price, MyFantasyTeams Pro is strictly amateur. If I want mobile access on game day, I need more than what Yahoo is selling.

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