Why I like MyFantasyTeams Pro

I’ve sampled a number of fantasy sports websites, but I always seem to go back to Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. The site is not necessarily the best one out there, but it is familiar and works for me.

I was intrigued then when I found out about MyFantasyTeams (formerly known as Y! Fan), an app from ES Group Mobile that allows you to access your Yahoo! fantasy teams. After playing around with it for about 10  minutes, one thing became clear – if you use Yahoo! for fantasy sports there is no reason you should not have this app.

You begin by entering your Yahoo! username and password, and the app pulls up all your teams. Although the application doesn’t support live drafts, everything else you need is included.

The most impressive part of the app is how easy it is to manage your team through it. I did not notice any differences in speed as opposed to using Yahoo’s website. If anything, the My Team page looks better and is easier to use.

Yahoo! loyalists will notice MyFantasyTeams uses a system similar to the classic roster editing, so when you select a player a menu will pop up listing their eligible positions. I actually prefer this to the newer drag and drop system, though others may disagree.

If for some reason you like the actual Yahoo! Fantasy Sports page better, a link to your league’s webpage is provided as well.

The app is not without its faults. Most obviously, it only works with Yahoo! so if you use another website for your fantasy sport fix this app is not for you. Also, you need to subscribe to Yahoo’s StatTracker to get live scoring-– the $3.99 cost of MyFantasyTeams does not include this.

There is a free version of the app as well, but it does not allow player movement and trades so it is considerably less desirable.

If you use Yahoo! you will be impressed by its ease of use and pleased to find you can do all the team management functions without using the website. Now if the app could only get your rival owner to approve your trade for Albert Pujols…

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