2012 Map: The Presidential Election tops iOS Apps of the Week

This week’s iOS Apps of the Week run the gamut from political to archival. The 2012 Map: The Presidential Election App is a great way to play out election scenarios in preparation for November. Meanwhile, our other top apps  concern the history of the universe, great coupons and photo scanning. There’s even an app to rate someone’s driving!

2012 Map: The Presidential Election App

Those who follow the Electoral College take heed, because your day in the sun is coming soon. 2012 Map: The Presidential Election App will get you fired up for the upcoming election because it provides a detailed projection of which states will vote Democrat or Republican this November. In addition, 2012 Map also features historical voting data for each election so you can compare the political landscape of different eras. Users can change the colors of the states for the 2012 election to create dream scenarios for their favorite candidate.

LittleBIG History

Just when you think you’ve seen a history app that covers “everything,” littleBIG History comes along and changes the whole game. littleBIG History doesn’t just cover American history, or European history or world history. No, it also takes into account the history of life, including the evolution of man; the history of earth including the ice age and other events; and the history of the cosmos, including the big bang and the formation of stars and galaxies. Truly, littleBIG History reaches above and beyond the call of a standard history app.

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While plenty of apps help you find great deals, few offer coupons, ATM locations and cheap gas. That’s where DealsnHand comes in handy. Users can even get notifications when new deals appear. All deals can also be shared via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and text, too, so your friends will always know when and on what you’re about to save big.

Hows My Driving

Does Hows My Driving need an apostrophe? Badly. That faux pas aside, this travel app is a nifty way to discreetly burn the crappy driver in front of you. Users can pick a state and enter in the license plate number and leave a message for that driver. The comments can’t be tracked back to the person that left them, so road rage reprisal isn’t likely, and concerned parents can see what people are saying about their teenager’s driving.

Super Scanner

Super Scanner is a secure way to take photos and keep them away from unwanted eyes. Users can “scan” images and then password protect them so that no one else can view them. Once scanned, they can be e-mailed out or uploaded to Dropbox for external access. The interface is easy to use and images can be categorized, so that it’s simple to find them at a later date.

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