How to Retain Key Talent When Turnover Rates Are High

Some employee contributions and institutional knowledge are nearly irreplaceable. Oftentimes a need to retain key talent can become obvious.

Team leaders bear a lot of responsibility, and when resignations are on the rise, the stakes are even higher. While teams are made up of many dynamic individuals, some employees’ contributions and institutional knowledge are nearly irreplaceable. The need to retain key talent can become obvious. The risk of losing key talent is more than […]

7 Ways to Improve Delegation and Take Some Tasks Off Your Plate

You know you need to improve your delegation skills but you aren't quite sure how to go about letting go. Here are seven suggestions to try.

Were you the student in school who took responsibility for all parts of a group project? Maybe it was difficult for you to trust anyone to do the job well. Today, now that you’re a manager, do you find yourself in the same pickle? You have plenty of employees that report to you, but letting […]

How to Save Money by Switching Banks

Money tight? Budgeting and deleting shopping apps are both good ideas. But one simple move might be even more effective — switching banks.

Money seems tighter than ever these days, and you may be racking your brain for ways to save. Budgeting, conserving car trips, and deleting your shopping apps are a great start, especially as you trim spending on luxuries. But one simple savings move could have you counting even more cash each month — switching banks. […]

How to Write a Thoughtful Card

thoughtful card birthday

In a busy digital world, one great way to build human connection and trust with your team is by sending cards. Celebrations, congratulations, thanks, sympathy—all can be occasions for personal touchpoints with your team, customers, and clients. You may already have a calendar of employee birthdays, a box of cards, and a pen at the […]

Are You Suited For Management: Ask Yourself Four Questions


Many people who want to advance in their careers struggle to demonstrate that they are promotion-ready or develop a strong enough image among a sea of colleagues. Choosing a career in higher education or the labor sector management becomes much more challenging for people just starting. Companies are constantly in need of competent and qualified […]

4 Steps to Implementing an IVR System Your Customers Will Appreciate

When implemented properly, an interactive voice response (IVR) system can help bridge the gap between a human hello and overwhelming menus.

Most customers pick up the phone to call for assistance as a last resort. When they do, they’re hoping to reach a live person to help them resolve their issue as quickly as possible. However, staffing a call center to provide human support for every call is tough to do. Luckily, interactive voice response (IVR) […]

You Should Expect More From Your Financial Advisor

financial advisor

Times are uncertain. The decisions you make right now have the potential to impact your long-term financial, and perhaps general, well-being. The importance of understanding the current market environment—inflation, interest rates, the Federal Reserve, geopolitical issues, and the impact these important topics have on you, can’t be stressed enough. Wisdom, as a core value, empowers […]

Want to Connect Better with Your Team? Here are Six Things to Practice

connect better fist bumps

As the famous saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. As the manager or the CEO of a company, it is extremely crucial for you to connect better with your team for increased productivity. However, many leaders fail to connect with their teams. It is because they think more like a boss and less like […]

Four Common Career Mistakes to Avoid Making

career mistakes woman at computer holding head

Making career mistakes is very common. It’s because as humans we are bound to make mistakes and people do not focus a lot on learning about these mistakes. However, one should always focus on learning from these mistakes and work on minimizing them. In this way, you can have a positive trajectory in your career. […]

How Being More Like A Monk Can Help You Lead In Your Company

lead in your company woman at whiteboard smiling

A famous quote by Zig Zagler says, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” More than any job post, your attitude matters the most in a leadership role. It’s where you can make or break deals with how you think. Whenever we talk about “thinking” – one of the most prominent debates is […]

Four Smart Apps That Make Managing Your Business Less Stressful

managing your business

Being a businessman or businesswoman managing your business, you might be struggling to handle many responsibilities at the same. Whether it’s your work life or personal life, you need to juggle multiple responsibilities to be successful in both. We know things may become hectic some days especially when you are running a business on your […]