Tech Toys for Christmas Joys

Here are the coolest tech toys to help keep the kids entertained. They range from a build-your-own space station to Harry Potter's Hedwig.

Here are the coolest tech toys to help keep the kids entertained. They range from a build-your-own space station to Harry Potter’s Hedwig. Technology isn’t required for toys to be enjoyable. And of course, tech shouldn’t be the sole purpose of any toy. When done correctly, though, technology may take a toy from enjoyable to […]

Improve Leadership As a New Manager

Consider taking a proactive approach to improving your management skills and help prepare yourself for the next stage of your career.

Consider taking a proactive approach to improving your management skills and help prepare yourself for the next stage of your career. A job in management requires hands-on experience and a variety of leadership qualities in addition to formal qualifications such as certification and schooling. It helps to be a great leader to progress your career. […]

A Project Management Communication Planning Guide For Your Dev Team

Much like business process maps, having the right project management communication plan in place helps any business become more effective.

“Plan ahead,” they tell us. Mothers and fathers, teachers, and bosses around the world teach this lesson. Whether it’s to plan an essay before writing it or to think before speaking, we tend to achieve the best results when we’ve anticipated any issue or obstacle in some sort of communication plan. If there’s one thing […]

Creating an E-Contract That Has Legal Force and Validity

Electronic contracts can help streamline agreement lifecycles. To create a legally binding e-contract, you must include these seven elements.

E-contracts are the future of business agreements. They allow you to create beneficial and low-risk contracts all without meeting the other party in person. However, just like with traditional arrangements, you must understand the elements required of your e-contract if you want to ensure its legality and validity. What Is an E-Contract? An e-contract or […]

How Habits at Home Can Affect Your Productivity

Working from home definitely has its perks, but you'll want to keep your productivity level consistent. These eight simple tips can help!

Whether it’s due to the pandemic or just because they prefer it, more and more people are choosing to work from home. Many have been surprised to find that their productivity has actually increased. For their part, many employers are opting to keep going with remote teams. Working from home definitely has its perks. You […]

9 Tips to Increase App Downloads

After endless hours spent creating an app, one would hope that promoting it would be easy. It's not. Here are some ideas that can help you increase downloads.

After spending endless hours creating an app, one would hope that promoting it is the easiest part. It isn’t. There are literally millions of apps out there. Apple’s App Store alone has more than 4 million apps. Therefore, unless you’ve created something truly unique, chances are there are hundreds or even thousands of apps similar […]

8 Apps That Will Help Grow Your Side Hustle

Side hustle apps can help you keep things flowing smoothly even as you are branching out into creativity and additional income. Here are eight to consider.

More and more of us are choosing to hold down a full-time gig while adding a side hustle to our lives. Some do this as an outlet for their creativity or as a way to pocket some extra cash. Many are fortunate enough to find something that helps them do both. Whatever your motives, you […]

What Does Voice Search Mean for App Development?

Businesses that do not have plans to add voice search to mobile app development in the near future can expect diminishing returns. Here are three reasons why.

Much of the blame for the increasing complexities associated with mobile app development can reliably be placed at the feet of the producers of “Star Trek.” Let’s face it, every generation since the 1960s has grown up with an unspoken expectation. We should be able to merely speak to technology and have it flawlessly do […]

5 Tips for Effectively Marketing Your Local App

A well-marketed app can more than make up its costs by connecting your business to ready-to-buy local customers. Here are five tips to help guide the process.

If you were the owner of a popular local pizzeria, you’d probably like it if hungry out-of-towners found out about your epic deep-dish pies, right? Of course, you would. Sadly, many small business owners grossly overestimate the cost of developing and launching a smartphone app. As a result, they mistakenly believe tapping into the online […]

Choosing the Best Apps and Tools to Improve Online Sales

Getting your small business online is only the first step. Now you need to fight to get noticed. Thankfully, apps can help improve sales and customer retention.

So you’ve staked your claim on the internet by offering products or services on your business website. Congratulations! This is a bold move toward becoming an entrepreneur. Of course, building an online empire isn’t easy. It takes a ton of hard work and time, not to mention research and investment. But you probably already know […]

Mobile App Collaboration: 5 Tips for Working with Your Developer

Mobile app collaboration is an acquired skill. No matter what kind of app you’re designing, you'll need to eliminate communication issues with your developers.

Developing a mobile app for your business is a wise move. Millions of businesses have apps that help keep their customers connected and engaged. Some apps are for entertainment purposes, but others help generate sales. No matter what kind of app you’re creating, you’re going to run into some issues with your developer. For example, […]

5 Top Tips for Effective App Store Optimization

App store optimization recognizes that the best mobile app in the world is worthless if poor marketing causes customers to pass you over for something snazzier.

Effective app store optimization (ASO) often gets overlooked in the rush to bring an exciting new app to market. It’s 100% understandable. Everyone gets caught up in engineering the best possible app your team can develop. However, it’s vital to keep an eye trained on how your app will land in an already crowded field. […]