Best iPhone Apps to Add Your Watermark on Photos

photo editing

Modern technology has made it truly simple to share photographs today. Through the variety of social media channels, photo-sharing websites, or email we can easily share with friends, followers, and the entire world some of our best shots. But before displaying our original pictures in public, we should consider important steps like adding your watermark […]

4 High-Tech Pollution Solutions

High Tech Pollution Solutions - Clear Skies Ahead!

It’s true that both regulatory and market-based approaches to air pollution have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. However, new inventions don’t always have the same cost-benefit ratio as these other methods. Therefore, rather than discussing technology as a whole, we’ll look at each one separately. We’ll talk about six high-tech pollution solutions that […]

How Technology Improves Our Lives

Technology Improves Our Lives

Here are a few examples of how technology improves our lives and is having a huge positive impact on people outside of the business world. While most technology has been produced for profit, the majority of it has been for the customer’s benefit. When it comes down to it, however, technology simply makes day-to-day life […]

Robots in Warfare: Five Reasons Humans Are Still Fighting Our Wars

Why are humans still fighting in wars? Why can't robots be trusted in warfare? Here are five reasons to help explain our need for soldiers.

Researchers are making unbelievable predictions about the future of artificial intelligence (AI). Similarly, how we interact with robots has come a long way. In the recent past, futurists were expecting to launch flying cars. They also hoped to solve all of our energy problems by the end of the 20th century. However, we’re almost done […]

Sleep Technology: Gadgets to Help You Sleep

Sleep Technology: Gadgets to Help You Sleep

Sleep technology as an industry is flourishing. It’s an exciting time of invention with many devices aiming to improve sleep. The sleep technology product list keeps growing. There are wearables and apps. There are smart beds and fitness trackers. In addition, there are gadgets that optimize sleep and external sleep monitors. Furthermore, there are environment […]

Dancing Robots? Five Innovative Robots That Really Know How to Groove

Dancing robots mimic human-like choreographic dancing and move in replication of the manually programmed, often-complicated actions.

Recent developments in artificial intelligence have enabled researchers to create humanoid robots. These robots typically resemble humans in shape and have different articulatory capacities. Due to this innovation, many researchers have expressed tremendous motivation to design dancing robots. These robots mimic human-like choreographic dancing and moves due to the manually programmed complicated actions. Demonstrating the surprising […]

Takuache Meme: A Needed Chevy Commercial

takuache silverado

While takuache is another word for, “possum,” it also refers to a type of young man. This young man most likely drives a Chevy Silverado, and rolls around saying the key phrase “cuh” over and over. The important thing to note is any truck they drive has a 95% chance of being their dads truck. […]

When It Comes to Tech, Sometimes Less Is More

relationship with tech

Everyone has had that moment where they’re so disgusted with their relationship with tech they want to disconnect and go off the grid. Maybe it comes from opening your phone and seeing too many meaningless notifications. Perhaps you saw a Facebook post of someone complaining and couldn’t take it anymore. Whatever the reason, it’s important […]

Technology is Improving the Transit Passenger Experience

Technology is Improving the Transit Passenger Experience

Mass transit has been the backbone of our nation’s transportation infrastructure for centuries. Now, technology is improving it. From San Francisco’s historic cable cars to New York City’s Grand Central Station, public transit has helped define the character of major cities. At the same time, it has been the means of allowing them to grow. […]

White Castle and Their Emerging 100-Robot Army of Burger Flippers

White Castle and its technology vendor, Miso Robotics, announce the unleashing of burger-flipping robots to 100 standalone locations.

Since 1912, White Castle has been a regional hamburger restaurant and the first fast-food pioneer in the world. Now after more than 100 years, this restaurant chain has introduced a robot army on a large scale. The French fries you ordered from any White Castle location might have been prepared with the help of robots. […]

Automated Farming Robots: Five Awesome Use Cases

Automated farming robots use artificial intelligence technology and computer vision to increase their efficiency in agriculture use.

Automation has found its way into almost all industries. Many industries have adopted automation to reduce human efforts and boost productivity to meet customer demands. Recently, automated farming robots are being used for various agricultural practices. They minimize the intensive hard work required for farming and save a lot of time. As a result, the […]

Drones: The Future Possibilities

Drones are also widely known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. These flying little robots are blessings for the future of mankind.

Drones are also widely known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. Many also call them miniature pilotless aircraft. These flying little robots are capable of reaching places that are hard for people to reach. In comparison to helicopters, flying at low altitudes allows them to obtain clear and high-quality photos. Drones are also capable of […]