7 Reasons Flutter Became the Best Choice to Develop Startup Mobile Apps

Flutter, released by Google in 2018, was the first cross-platform app development framework and it remains the best choice for developing startup mobile apps.

More than 100,000 apps have been downloaded to hundreds of millions of devices, according to the Flutter community. Why is Flutter so popular for developing startup mobile apps, and why do experts think it’s the way cross-platform mobile app development will go in the future? The gap between Android and iOS platforms is continually being […]

Genius Scan iPhone app a smart buy for those on the fly

Need to scan an important document but aren’t near a business center? The free Genius Scan iOS and Android apps are perfect for the business traveler who needs to scan on the fly. This smart business app lets you snap photos of important documents on the go. The page frame detection and filter features make […]

Typewise App Review

Typewise App Review

Are you annoyed by typos and unfitting word corrections? Are you missing your typing privacy? Get back full control with Typewise!

CloudApp Screen Recorder Review

CloudApp is screen capture and recording software that has flown under the radar, but the company has been around for 10 years and boasts over 4 million users. Here’s the rundown: While CloudApp functionality allows you to capture, annotate, and share screenshots online, this review is limiting the scope to just the recorder feature, minus […]

The Ultimate Guide to Phone Security

As the available storage and versatility of the phone continues to grow with every iteration, it is increasingly being used for business and personal applications such as storing and transferring files. Given that the phone is regarded as a highly personalized device that can store a significant amount of confidential information, it is now more important than ever to ensure that the phone is secured from those who may want to access this information. As a result, this article discusses the apps and tools that can be utilized to ensure the highest degree of security in terms of storing confidential and private data on the phone.

Home Security Maximized with These Apps

Home security tools such as cameras and alarm systems are generally regarded as expensive methods to ensure the protection of the home. However, the introduction of mobile apps and various tools have enabled home owners to add an extra layer of security at a fraction of the traditional costs. As a result, this article discusses the best apps and tools that can be used to increase security for the home without breaking the bank.