NewsReports is a general news and information site. We cover all topics with an emphasis on technology, health, and lifestyle.

We find joy and excitement in reporting new trends, insights, or innovations that we find “news-worthy.”

Our Team and History

The editorial team at NewsReports is dedicated to finding and publishing items of interest that serve to benefit our readership, whether individual life hacks or tips that can help businesses grow.

This online-only publication began as a humble website dedicated to sifting through the (literally) millions of apps currently available in the Apple Store or on Google Play, doing our best to steer our readership to substance over hype.

Since then, we’ve expanded our coverage into multiple areas that also help readers modify their everyday lifestyle to become more productive, learn how to relax, prosper in an increasingly online culture, or what-have-you.

Staff Contact

Editor-in-Chief: [email protected]