Best Apps That Can be Safely Used in the Car

As one of the leading causes are car accidents are a result of distracted driving due to cell phone usage, many different forms of deterrents have been implemented to reduce cell phone distraction. However, given the number of tools that are offered which can help drivers, certain apps can be used while driving which do not contribute to dangerous behaviours. For this reason, this article reveals the apps that drivers can use during their commutes that do not distract them from the road.

Ways to Prevent Phone Usage in the Car

While the phone can be extremely useful during car rides such as for navigation or music, it is also one of the leading causes of road accidents around the world. While countries have made it illegal to drive and use the phone, many drivers, especially those who are younger, still regularly use their phone during car rides to text or make phone calls. In order to curb these temptations and reduce phone usage, this article discusses ways in which users can stop themselves from using their phone while driving.

The Best Car Rental Apps for Driving-on-Demand

Cars can be extremely expensive to buy and rent which is why apps such as Uber and Lyft have become so popular in recent times. Although these services are highly convenient and can help users get to and from their destinations, they are still quite expensive and come with their own problems. As a result, many mobile apps have been made available which are designed to help facilitate car rental transactions so that users have the autonomy to drive as if it was their own car at a fraction of the price. Given that so many are available on the Google Play Store and App Store, this article discusses the best ones that should be used by those looking to rent a car.

In Need of Parking? Try These Parking Apps for Any Need!

One of the biggest inconveniences associated with owning a car is that it can be a hassle to find parking space, especially for those who are in crowded areas. As it can be extremely expensive to pay for parking on a regular basis, few solutions exist for those who are in need of inexpensive, convenient parking. With this issue, this article reveals the best apps that can be used for drivers to locate and find the best parking spots right from their phone.