The Best Sleep-Enhancing and Anti-Insomnia Apps you must have on your iPhone

We all know how hard it is to function properly without getting a good night’s sleep. After each sleepless night, a thick fog descends upon your mind. You are nauseated, irritable, and impatient, your body control is akin to that of a clumsy octopus who’s just chugged down a bottle of whisky, your arms and legs flinging left and right. Your appetite comes and goes, and you can’t seem to be able to concentrate on anything other than going home and sleeping for at least a week. The negative aspects of modern life – especially stress, though we could mention the less serious issue of bedtime screen viewing (as in staring at your smartphone before going to sleep), which was proven to be damaging to your brain and your body – can, unfortunately, lead to temporary insomnia. There are several methods to alleviate these negative effects and enhance your sleep: medication, hypnosis, meditation, and even modern technology. The three apps we are about to introduce provide surefire ways to sleep through the night and wake up so well-rested that it’d make Garfield proud and envious.

CleverDel – The Coolest Text Deleter

Of the keyboard, some of the most used buttons include vowels, the space button, the enter button, and the backspace button. In trying to make the process of typing messages more efficient, many tools and apps have been created to include swiping instead of typing, as well as different keyboard interfaces which are designed to make typing quicker. However, one overlooked method of speeding up writing messages is to make the most commonly used buttons more streamlined.

Stay Up-To-Date on Humanitarian Issues with Four ReliefWeb Apps Brought to you by the United Nations

Unfortunately, our world is far from being peaceful as wars are fought all around the globe, serving as fertile soil for horrifying injustices, unspeakable acts of cruelty, and full-fledged humanitarian crises. Fortunately, our world is also full of kind, generous souls ready to help the meek of warn-torn countries and those living in areas struck by catastrophic natural disasters. If you happen to be one of the aforementioned kind souls, these four United Nations apps focusing on all aspects of humanitarian issues should definitely be on your iPhone.

From Prediction to Points with Frienduel

The future tends to result in one of two realities, either the way we predict it to or completely off from where we thought it would be. To gamify this simple principle, Frienduel is a mobile application which is based on the premise of awarding points to those who are able to better predict the outcome of future events. While some people claim to be able to gauge the turnout of future events better than others, the app is one which tests this notion through having users predict the outcome of various things with friends.

Sasha Weather – A Cute Weather Forecast

I was planning to install a weather forecast application to my iPhone, because it is always good to know if it is going to rain. I must admit, I chose Sasha Weather because of the cat. However, what I found out was far more attracting than a kitty.

Top 5 utility apps for iOS

Designed to make life easier for its users, utility applications are commonly utilized for occasions where other tools fail. With processing power increasing in every update, mobile devices are quickly replacing a multitude of tools that once were separate devices altogether.

Service: the app for outsourcing customer complaints and issues

Service is created for iOS users (for now! but our website is mobile friendly for all other users). It is the app that lets you outsource calling your cable company to a team of dedicated experts. They will actually take care of any of your customer service issues- and it is totally free. You just tell what happened, upload any […]

PrePlay gets an iPhone baseball app

When PrePlay debuted last year, it was a fun addition to any NFL fan’s app arsenal. What better way to enjoy the game than to try and out-predict the coaches on both sidelines? Now with MLB PrePlay, baseball fans can enjoy the same guessing game. While the football-oriented PrePlay focused not only on player results […]

Official WWE iPhone app delivers what’s expected, but little else

Although the WWE has had numerous one-off apps for big pay-per-view events (like their official SummerSlam app and the THQ-made WrestleFest game), it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that they finally put out an official app for the company as a whole. As a brand app, WWE has all the features you might expect, […]