The Most Bizarre Examples of Industrial Robots

There is a variety of industrial robots that you can see today, therefore no "catalog" about this topic can possibly be inclusive enough.

Everyone wants to enjoy a luxurious and easy life. Don’t you? Robotics has converted this dream into reality and taken over the production areas of industries around the globe. The main purpose behind the use of industrial robots is to increase overall production output, enhance worker safety, and automate work while reducing operating costs. With […]

The Interactive Legend of Sleepy Hollow

iClassics Productions is a start-up digital publisher based in Barcelona, which, over the past two years, has built up a collection of “Immersive reading” apps. Although based in Spain, their biggest market is North America, given that they are frequently featured on the iTunes AppStore and that their literature is from the Anglosphere’s literary canon.

DataBot: The Almost Perfect Digital Assistant app

I personally rarely use personal assistant applications – I never ever used Siri unless I was forced to do so. DataBot, however, was a nice surprise for me, although it is somewhat similar to our good old assisting iPhone app. It is practical, smart, quick, and, above all, it is a multi-platform app, enabling me to synchronize even my PC-iPhone connection.

The Funniest Apps All Pranksters Must Have on Their iPhone

Pulling the perfect prank requires careful planning, precise execution, and flawless timing. A quality prank is basically a balancing act in which you have to make sure that the prank remains funny and original without becoming harsh or hurtful. If you’re running out of ideas, these apps will give you a creative boost for your next mischievous prank.

The Best Apps All Ghost Hunters Must Have on Their iPhone

If you’re an avid paranormal investigator roaming haunted houses, dilapidated cemeteries, and ominous, abandoned psychiatric wards in search of spirits prowling around our realm, there’s no need for you to carry around an arsenal of ghost hunting tools when setting out for spooky adventures – just pack  your iPhone, and download these scary good ghost hunting apps. And always be very, very careful! your way

In the past decade, technology has fundamentally transformed how most of us consume and discover media.  The rise of services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify, along with the development of smartphones, DVR, and social media, have changed the way that we discover and consume movies, television, and music.  It has become a consumer-driven world.

Change your appearance with these silly apps

If you enjoy fooling around with pics you’ve snapped on your iPhone, you’ll love these apps. These were developed by PiVi & Co and can be found on all time top lists for a reason. The best thing that the resulting pictures are very realistic – with a twist.

Meant-for-fun Stalker takes photos surreptitiously

I’ll admit it: I’ve taken sneaky photos of things and people too absurd to simply let pass by. Typically shot from the hip to hide my judgmental moments, these photos rarely turn out leaving my “You’ll never believe what I just saw” stories with an anticlimactic “but I couldn’t get a photo” ending. And be […]

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2012 iPhone app delivers the goods

Whether the SI swimsuit issue has lost its culture cache, what with the market on gorgeous women in bathing suits so heavily covered these days, is a debate for a different time. As an app of minor-titillation, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2012 delivers the goods, for the most part. The multimedia content in the app is […]

Nothing extra comes with Xtra Factor for iPad download

The X Factor’s second week of live shows just ended, and throughout the episodes one couldn’t get away from Mr. Cowell espousing the greatness of the Xtra Factor app for Android tablets during the commercial break. Considering show-sponsor Verizon is known more for its Android support than iPhone, I was surprised to see Xtra Factor […]

Explore the spectrum of hue illusions with Color Uncovered

Color-based optical illusions are fascinating to the mind and an excellent work break (and especially cool ones can garner one quite a few reblogs on Tumblr and the like). But instead of simply staring at an “X” for 30 seconds just to see what happens, wouldn’t you like to know why that black and white […]