Tornado Watch vs Warning: Main Differences

tornado watch vs warning

Climate change and its repercussions are real. Tornadoes were a once-in-a-blue-moon phenomenon. But now you get to hear it many days in spring and summer. Many people do not know the difference between certain weather warnings, for example, a tornado watch vs. a tornado warning. In this article, we will highlight the main differences between […]

Weather Tech Innovations: The Forecast Is Changing

Weather data has become an integral part of our lives and recent weather technology innovations are changing the face of forecasting.

Weather data has become an integral part of our lives and recent weather tech innovations are changing the face of forecasting. What’s the first thing you do when you’re planning an outing or road trip with your friends? If you’re like most people, chances are you check how the weather’s going to be during your […]

Top Five Hottest Weather Apps  

From thunderstorms to heat waves, we all need to know what the weather has planned next and what better way to do so than with your phone?

Withstanding Weather Conditions with Hello Weather

Looking for the best and most accurate tools for weather updates is common among many people. As a result, installing multiple weather related applications on a mobile device in order to receive a range of weather information is required.

Even the Worst Weather Won’t Bug You with WeatherBug, Arguably the Best Weather App for iPhone

We have reached a point in time where, thanks to our technological advancements, we are able to predict the weather with an accuracy that is much closer to being perfectly reliable than to being as unreliable as a compass in the Bermuda triangle. Keeping yourself constantly updated on the expected weather conditions at all times is instrumental, as it influences many areas of your everyday life, including your outfit, the means of transport you opt for to commute to work, your leisure time activities, and your traveling decisions. Just like video killed the radio star back in the day, weather apps killed conventional weather forecasts, and consequently, a wide range of weather apps are now at your disposal. Choosing the most trustworthy weather predicting companion from this multifarious bunch can be tasking, but WeatherBug is so far above its competition, that once you start using it, you’ll never want to use any other weather app.

Best iPhone weather apps of all time

Long gone are the days of solely relying on Apple’s pre-installed weather app. These days the “weather app” has become a somewhat stylish addition to ones iPhone app collection. But not only are these apps boasting their visuals, they are also very cleverly designed to bring us all are necessary weather information and beyond. Now the beyond is the real important part, as we can now access such features as live weather alerts and real-time rain, sleet or snow predications.

Free MyRadar iPad app focuses on the weather

MyRadar is a free application for iPhone and iPad with one single purpose: to provide you with the most up-to-the-minute radar information for the United States. There are a ton of weather apps out there, but many times all you need to see is the radar.