Must Have Apps for Job Hunters

With increased automation and a shift towards cheaper labour through outsourcing, finding a job can be more difficult than ever before. As so many different platforms, tools, and sites exist which that claim to help connect job seekers with available positions, mobile apps have become an unlikely source of combining job demand with supply. Given that so many are available across the app stores, this article discusses the best ones that can be used to secure a fitting job.

Top Apps for Starting a New Business

Starting a company can be an exciting and stressful journey that spans several years. While the internet has made it significantly easier to begin a business in terms of eliminating friction, a large amount of work needs to be done from the entrepreneur. For these reasons, many apps have been created to streamline various aspects of starting a business from legal and taxes to operations and marketing. This article explores the best ones that entrepreneurs and new business owners can employ to start and grow their business.

Find Work Easily with Labor Go

Finding work is difficult, and searching for the right employee is equally as hard. Although the invention of the internet has eased the pain of having to hand resumes out manually and flick through pages and pages of newspaper adverts, it’s still tough finding work that’s suitable for you, an employer who’s willing to take you on quickly, or an employee with the right skillset. As easy as online job boards seem, rarely do they offer work instantaneously. Labor Go is an app designed both for people looking for good work instantly and employers trying to fill a vacancy, allowing them to search for or post jobs in a variety of different industries in locations all across the world. With its safe and secure ratings and payment system, it proves that this is the future for recruitment: quick and simple.

Find Locksmiths Simply and Safely With Lockheal

A few decades ago finding a tradesman to do a job consisted of flicking through the local pages, calling every number you see until you find one who’s available. With the advent of the internet things became easier: typing a simple request into a search engine would bring up a list of people for you to call, all on one screen. Yet the problem still remained: not every tradesman was available to do the work at a cost of your liking, and even if they were, there’s no guarantee of safety. Lockheal aims to put this problem to bed, with locksmiths at least, as it offers an incredibly easy, simple-to-use way of bidding for a tradesman’s work whenever and wherever you need it.

The Surplex Machinery Auction App: 5 Years in the Making

Surplex is an online auctioneer and marketplace that specialises in the sale of used metalworking and woodworking machinery. The company’s new mobile app is making it easier than ever for businesses to buy and sell industrial equipment — allowing bids to be made on the move. 

Great Apps to run a Startup or Small Business

Now more than ever, becoming a business owner has never been more accessible. Given the vast resources that are made available publicly to run a business, the costs and risks are substantially mitigated. For example, software companies are now able to operate right from home as the only thing that is required to begin is a computer and internet connection. Furthermore, more traditional brick-and-mortar stores can be replaced with a website or online presence without the headaches associated with inventory, leases, employees, and other stresses often dealt with physical stores. With so many tools that help entrepreneurs and business owners launch their ventures, this article discusses the ones that are most effective in growing a business.

Be on the money with the best iPhone stock market apps!

Even for experts, staying up-to-date on the upswings, downswings, and current trends of the major stock markets of the world can be quite challenging. Making decisions based on the stock market information you gather from a variety of sources is definitely next-level, but with the iPhone apps we’re about to introduce, next level is exactly where you can take your stockbroker game – whether you’re big time or small time.

Invoice Ninja – send invoices online from your iPhone

I must admit, I am very, very bad in accounting. I’d been looking for a basic invoicing app for ages, but all I found was either expensive or too complicated. If I managed to fill it up completely, my partners could not use it, when I made something wrong, the partner did not notice it. Then I found Invoice Ninja.

The Best Apps All Job Seekers Must Have on Their iPhone

Whether you’re a career starter fresh out of university, stuck in temporary unemployment due to unfortunate circumstances outside of your control, have just changed your career path to something completely different, or about to leave your current workplace for greener pastures and better opportunities, these apps will come in handy on your job-seeking journey.

Heymarket: Business Text Messaging – A more personal CRM experience

For businesses, interacting with customers one-on-one can be a tricky proposition. In this regard, social media and e-mails are low-efficiency options, whereas text messaging provides an immediate, hands-on solution for one-on-one communication, and makes for a more personal and more engaging experience, which is at the heart of the expectations of today’s millennial customers. For quite some time, the app selection lacked a multifaceted CRM tool optimized for text messaging – but those times are gone, thanks to Heymarket: Business Text Messaging.

5 Apps that turn your iPad into the Ultimate Sales Tool

You’re in sales – a modern road warrior. You’ve got an iPad – awesome. Now it’s time to make your life easier and boost your sales: Turn your iPad into the ultimate sales tool!

These are the 5 must-have apps to make your daily sales activities easy, time-saving and profitable. I have been using all of them for months, some for years now, and I can tell that I couldn’t live without them.