The 10 Greatest Mobile Games of 2018 (That You Absolutely Need for 2019!)

It’s that time again – let’s ring in the new year with the best of 2018! These apps were handpicked by our staff as the best of the best; the pinnacle of their genre that stuck with us long after playing. Whether playing on Android or iOS, you need these installed on your phone and tablet. Without further adieu…

God of War On Your Phone – Sony’s Lost Trilogy of Mobile Games

Normally at Appolicious, we spend our time looking forward to the latest unexpected evolution of the mobile landscape, but the past always holds some surprises. Case in point – would you believe that there was once a time where Sony not only actually invested in creating handheld games, but brought three of its then-marque franchises to your phone?

The Classic MMO Comes to Mobile – Runescape Interview with John Colgrave

Few games have lived as long and full a life as RuneScape. Started back before MMO’s had found a stable footing, Jagex’s seminal game has stood the test of time and sets on a new quest to captivate players on mobile. We sat down with one of the port team, John Colgrave, Producer, about this latest adventure in the RuneScape saga.