Four iPhone apps to help cheat-proof your relationship

Oy! Celebrity infidelity makes us crazy worried about our own relationship. We can’t imagine (nor do we want to), so instead we are going to throw ourselves head first into some iPhone apps to work on our relationship. No cheating in our relationships – we have iPhone apps for that!

Hotel Tonight (Free)

The couple that plays together stays together. If work keeps you apart for days at a time, make sure to rekindle that romance with frequent weekend getaways and at least one if not two week-long vacations a year. Downtime in a foreign city can do wonders for your love life. The free Hotel Tonight app is the perfect way to get a last-minute hotel deal and surprise your honey. Don’t wait until your significant other is making out in the back of a station wagon with your neighbor. Show them the love tonight.

Trudie Styler’s Weight Loss Yoga ($14.99)

Are a few pounds of love chub getting in your way of getting frisky with your special friend? If stress or a less-than-stellar body image is obstructing your love life, add some yoga to your daily routine. Yoga is a fabulous way to de-stress and tone up all over at the same time. Plus, you will be more flexible in times of need. Try Trudie Styler’s Weight Loss Yoga app. It’s a bit pricey but you can’t argue with the fact that Sting and Trudie have a good sex life (if you don’t know what I mean, check Google).

Looking for even more dating apps? Try these.

The Art of Massage With Adrian Carr ($1.99)

While you could send your significant other out for a professional massage, it seems a wiser investment to learn some massage skills for at-home practice. After all, what if the masseuse is Jennifer Love Hewitt? Uh oh! The Art of Massage with Adrian Carr is an app for iPhone. It’s filled with high-quality, expert videos on how to give a soothing and sensual massage to your partner.

PetFinder Mobile (Free)

You took the big step and you live together now. How about testing the waters by adopting a pet? We know adopting children worked for Brad and Angelina even before any talk of marriage, but that’s a huge step. So instead, take a baby step and get a puppy or kitten from a shelter that needs a home. The free PetFinder Mobile app is full of animals in need of loving parents and fabulous homes. Cheating on a man is one thing, but cheating on the father of your puppy is just downright evil.

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