Fresh iPhone Apps for Apr. 14: Showyou, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame HD

Watch videos, share text messages and listen to some of rock and roll’s most important music with the apps on today’s Fresh Apps list. Showyou brings in videos from your friends on your favorite social networks, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame lets you sample and buy some of the 600 tracks that have shaped music history. Read up about both of them and more below.

Showyou (iPhone, iPad) Free

Showyou is a social media app that aggregates all the video that your friends on other social media services are sharing on your network. By hooking it up to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, you can see anything and everything your friends think is interesting in one place, streaming straight to your iDevice.

The app also presents a ton of interesting and popular videos in the big “Showyou” grid. Your friends’ videos get placed on it when you access your other networks, but Showyou provides you with hundreds of other videos to stream as well. And you can share videos with others and thank your friends for sending videos your way as well.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (iPhone, iPad) $1.99

More than 600 rock and roll recordings that shaped the course of musical history are available in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The app lets you search through the tracks, listen to samples and make purchases from The Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll, a series of tracks that have had an influence on all kinds of artists and bands through the development of rock and roll.

The lists are chosen, created and curated by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum curatorial staff, as well as historians and music critics — experts, basically. You’ll need an Internet access to sample and download songs though, so make sure you’re close to a Wi-Fi connection. HD (iPad) $2.99

Connect your iPad and computer to your iPhone with, and you can share text messages and pictures between your devices — quickly and for free. The idea is that you can be using your computer or iPad and receive text messages without having to hunt down your phone — it all gets sent to the same place.

You can access all your messages from any device, as keeps everything in a shared cloud inbox. Passing photos between devices and your computer is also just as easy, saving you from having to sync with iTunes or email images to yourself to move them around.

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