Fresh iPhone Apps for June 24: Quipster, Mobli, Tiny Tower, Continuity 2: The Continuation

Head into the weekend with a couple of solid social networking apps that lead today’s Fresh iPhone Apps list. Quipster is all about finding and sharing interesting things around your town and sharing them with others – kind of like Foursquare – and Mobli lets you share images and videos with others and zero-in on users in your immediate vicinity. In the games department, management title Tiny Tower is an addictive addition to the free-to-play genre, and Continuity 2: The Continuation combines platforming and puzzle gameplay. Read more about them all below.

Quipster (iPhone, iPad) Free

Quipster is a location-based check-in app designed to help people connect with what’s going on in their towns. When you go somewhere interesting, you can offer a “Quip” about it in order to share your experiences. Quipster can be tied to Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter to share updates and information with friends on other social networks.

Quips from other people can show you new places and activities around your town about which you weren’t aware, and you can follow other Quipsters just like on other social networks. You’ll also earn points for your Quips based on votes from other users, which affect your ranking on the service.

Mobli (iPhone, iPad) Free

Social networking app Mobli is a little bit like Facebook and a little bit like Instagram. In the vein of the latter, Mobli is all about sharing videos and photos with your network of friends. The idea is that you can show the world what you’re seeing and experiencing through shared images, and you can also tap into channels created by others to see what they’re showing off, as well.

Mobli lets you connect to a Facebook and a Twitter account, so you can share your photos through those as well as with your Mobli friends. It also allows you to use your iDevice’s GPS capabilities to find the feeds of people near your actual location, allowing you to connect with locals and potentially make new friends or see what’s going on around you.

Tiny Tower (iPhone, iPad) Free

Management sim Tiny Tower is another free-to-play offering like DJ Rivals or Game Dev Story, in which you build a tower floor by floor, filling each level with apartments and businesses and managing the results. The building is inhabited by Bitizens, little 8-bit people who can live in the apartments and get jobs at the businesses, and each earns you money and pays rent. The money you earn from managing these businesses, keeping them stocked and making your Bitizens happy, can go into expanding and improving your tower.

During the course of your work in Tiny Tower, more Bitizens will visit, and you can run them up to the floor they’re looking for using your elevator to earn a few more coins. Sometimes you’ll get VIPs, which can give you boosts to certain floors, and other times you’ll get Tiny Tower’s premium currency, Tower Bux, to use to speed things along.

Continuity 2: The Continuation (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

There’s an interesting mix of elements at work in Continuity 2: The Continuation. Primarily the game is a 2-D platformer in which you guide a stick man around, jumping over gaps and onto ledges, collecting coins and finding a key to unlock a door that exits each level. The trouble is, many of those levels are made up of several interlocking rooms that create a slide puzzle, and to collect everything, you have to move the rooms around and connect them in different ways to allow the character to move between them.

It’s a challenging and brainy game that mixes puzzle elements with platforming elements. Continuity 2 contains 50 levels to play through, and it’s universal, so it works on both the iPhone and the iPad without the need to buy a second copy.

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