Fresh iPhone Apps for June 27: GreatSchools Finder, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, and more

Give your kids a leg up with learning with today’s leading Fresh iPhone Apps. GreatSchools Finder allows parents to search for quality schools in neighborhoods all over the U.S., and Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! helps kids learn to read as they enjoy a Seuss classic. In the games department, we’ve got Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, a Mario Kart-like 3-D racing game, and Hills of Glory: WWII, a castle defense-type game in which you’ll fight Nazis with various multitouch gestures, and

GreatSchools Finder (iPhone, iPad) Free

GreatSchools allows you to search through the schools in communities all over the U.S. for the best ones in a given area – in your neighborhood or in one to which you plan to move. The app makes use of the GreatSchools website ratings of schools and communities all over the country, making it easy to see which schools are the best in a given area, and how communities rank against one another for their school systems.

Ratings are limited to grades K-12, and you can filter them by public or private institutions as well as read parents’ reviews and ratings. You can also see recent test scores for the schools and info about their districts, and save schools you find to a list for reference.

Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! – Dr. Seuss (iPhone, iPad)  $3.99

Like Oceanhouse Media’s other interactive books, Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! is designed to help young kids learn to read. The book contains the full text of Dr. Seuss’ classic children’s book, and includes an Auto Play function that reads the book to kids, a Read Myself function, and a narrated function that highlights the words as they’re read through.

The OmBook also features a few extra cool features to help kids. “THINK!” lets kids hear some of Seuss’ words before they’re associated with an image, allowing them to imagine them first. There’s also a picture and word association game, and kids can tap individual words and hear them read aloud to help with reading.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (iPhone, iPad) $4.99

If you have experience with Nintendo’s Mario Kart on its various consoles, you’ll have an idea of what to expect with Sonic & SEGA, a 3-D kart racing title that brings in lots of characters from Sega’s stable of games. Sonic the Hedgehog and other characters from that franchise, the monkeys from Super Monkey Ball, and more all grab various vehicles for races, and during each event you’ll be able to drift, boost and collect weapons to use against your opponents.

Sonic & SEGA primarily uses tilt controls for its gameplay, which allow you to steer. The gas is always at full, while breaking and drifting are controlled by buttons. The game features 10 Sega characters, 25 races and multiplayer support either online or over a Bluetooth connection. It also includes leaderboards and achievements through both Game Center and OpenFeint.

Hills of Glory: WWII (iPhone, iPad) $1.99

Hills of Glory is a bit like another title from developer Bulky Pixel, Tower of Babel. In that game as this one, your job is to kill enemies with various weapons that are executed using different multitouch gestures. Hills of Glory has you recruiting soldiers to hold down fortified positions during World War II, fighting off advancing Nazi soldiers by tapping them to use your squad’s rifle, holding down a touch to throw grenades, swiping to use a line-burst of machine-gun fire, and so on.

Between Hills of Glory’s missions in its campaign mode, you’ll earn coins that can be used to upgrade your troops and recruit more troops, giving you access to new weapons and attacks throughout the course of the game. There’s also a Quick Play mode that lets you quickly jump into a battle whenever you like.

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