Fresh iPhone Apps for Oct. 12: The Warhol: Art, Waypoint, Forever Drive, Bounder’s World

Ready for iOS 5? Well, while you’re waiting for iTunes to update or the software to download, check out today’s Fresh Apps. The Warhol: Art will give you all kinds of information about Andy Warhol’s work and life, and Waypoint is great for when you’re out and about and need to remember an important location to avoid getting lost. The freebie Forever Drive leads our games today with its build-your-own-levels creativity, followed by Bounder’s World, a tilt game with lots of different modes.

The Warhol: Art (iPhone, iPad) $2.99

Get a virtual trip through the collection of The Warhol Museum, with information about the works of artist Andy Warhol, the artist himself and all the pop culture he created and which surrounded him. The app features more than 50 works of art that span Warhol’s career from 1920 to the 1980s. The app is also a good companion to use while you’re actually visiting the museum and the collection.

In addition to the works of art, The Warhol: Art includes lots of secondary materials to give you insights into Andy Warhol’s life. Letters, videos and archival material, as well as source images help to shed more light on the artist, for both museum goer and people just interested in the influence and influences of Andy Warhol.

Waypoint (iPhone, iPad) Free

Navigation app Waypoint helps you find your way back to important locations using your iOS device’s GPS and compass capabilities. Once you log a waypoint, the app keeps track of where it is and will guide you back – even if you can’t get a 3G or cellular connection at all. The app will save an important location and can seriously improve your chances of avoiding being lost.

There are also handy social uses for Waypoint, as well. If you and a friend both have the app and become separated at a large concert, for example, your friend can save and send a Waypoint that you can access to navigate back to him or her.

Forever Drive (iPhone, iPad) Free

The name of the game (almost) says it all: Forever Drive is about driving. Forever. You’ll travel along neon roads, avoiding collisions and snagging stars and other point-getting materials to increase your score. It sounds simple, and it is, except as you drive around Forever Drive, you’ll be racing against a timer, trying to hit checkpoints to increase the clock and keep going to earn points and experience.

The stuff you earn unlocks new cars, new paint jobs, and even new junk you can use to build your own tracks. In fact, Forever Drive is composed of lots of tracks created by other users, strung together to keep you driving, well, forever. It’s an addicting experience that’ll satisfy your creative itch.

Bounder’s World (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Bouncing is a given in Bounder’s World. All you can do is determine how far your tennis ball character, Bounder, will go each time he bounces off a rooftop high in the air. Using tilt controls, you’ll direct Bounder from rooftop to rooftop in each of Bounder’s World’s 144 levels. Each has a different goal. In some, you’ll need to collect stars to score points, and in others, you’ll be limited on how many bounces it can take you to get to a goal or which buildings you can hit along the way.

An addictive tilting game with lots to do, Bounder’s World includes Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards and four different game modes. And if you earn all the achievements in the game’s levels, you can unlock additional ones to keep you bouncing around for even longer.

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