Get quick cash for your electronics with eBay Instant Sale

Keeping up with the latest tech trends probably has left you with a stockpile of outdated electronics. With iPhone 5 on the horizon, eBay’s latest app Instant Sale, for iPhone and iPod Touch, has perfect timing for users looking to get a bit of cash for their old iPhone 4s, among other electronics.

I’ve seen plenty of trade-your-gadgets-for-cash websites, but eBay Instant Sale is the first mobile method I’ve come across. Through the app, users can submit information about an item they’re looking to unload. Based on the information provided, the app will give you an estimate on how much your item could net. Top eBay seller AllTechWholesale will email you a free shipping label (it’s also insured for up to $500), and if it determines your item to be as described, you’ll see payment in your PayPal account within five business days (a PayPal account is required).

I filled out the three-question form: Does the item work; are you sending a charger; is the device in poor, fair, good or excellent condition for a dust-collecting 16GB iPhone 3G —  and Instant Sale quickly calculated an offer of $110.50. My iPhone 4 came out to $339.14. Not bad for 15 seconds of work. The flipside is that although the quick quotes are enticing, there’s no guarantee that AllTechWholesale will agree with your condition assessment. Comments from users familiar with the web version of Instant Sale lead me to believe this is common practice: Seller beware. If the reseller disagrees with the stated condition, a new offer will be given, which you can either accept or decline to get your property back, free of charge.

Instant Sale offers a search bar so you can find your specific items fast, although not all may be eligible for trade-in — I couldn’t find a Sony camera purchased in 2008, for example. The app will also give offers on non-working products, so a broken item doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Recycling is offered for items that don’t draw a price.

I was a bit surprised to see eBay working exclusively with one reseller, but although this might not be the best for consumers in term of offers — they’re fairly low compared with selling privately, but admittedly less of a hassle than dealing with auctions yourself — it does bode well for the security of shipping or retrieving your items.

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