Make The Most of Apple’s Face ID Software

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Apple’s iPhone announcement last week revealed three stunning new phones all of which include Apple’s facial recognition software, Face ID, and while the main use of this is security and replacement of finger print scanners, there are a number of apps on the market that use this awesome feature for fun and enhance the way that you use your phone.

Below are five of the top Face ID apps:

Looky – Celebrity Lookalike (iOS)

Looky uses the advanced front facing camera of your iPhone and its facial recognition software to find your celebrity doppelganger or in some cases even doppelgangers. The facial scanning software that comes as part of the iPhone X range provides Looky with a detailed breakdown of your features allowing it to find matches that are creepily similar. Looky is a fun social app allowing you to have a little fun with Face ID but can also be used to help decide with hair and fashion decisions, modelling your look on your celebrity look alike.

[appbox appstore id1231602636]

Hair and Beard Styles (iOS)

Looking to change your appearance but not quite sure what hairstyle will work best that’s where Hair and Beard Styles come in, with the high tech front facing camera of the new iPhones you can take a detailed picture of your face and upload it to the app allowing you to try our new hair and beard styles.

Hair and Beard Styles comes preloaded with a wide choice of different hair styles and beards so you can try out your new look before reaching for the scissors. Another great thing about this app is that you can send your altered look to friends and get their option, so you’re sure to never leave the barbers disappointed again.

[appbox appstore id383685584]

True Key (iOS)

True Key allows you to login to a variety of websites or apps on your phone using just your face. By essentially expanding the lock screen on your phone to include your favourite sites, True Key allows you to go to your favourite websites without having to remember multiple passwords.

You can also sync these unlocks across your devices, meaning all you need to do to login is remember to look at the camera and smile.

[appbox appstore id932579221]

FaceApp: Neural Face Magic (iOS)

FaceApp is an artificial intelligence app that lets you change and alter your face in the click of a button.

By reading your specific face shape and contours, the app is able to read your details and show you what you’d be like with different features or even increase your age! You can actually make your image smile and grimace, as well as how it would look with different hairstyles or an estimation of the facial feature differences as you get older.

If you’re looking to see what you’d look like with crow’s feet, this is the app for you.

[appbox appstore id1180884341]

Unlox (iOS)

Unlox is a smart security app that allows you to unlock your mac from your phone, adding a second layer of security to your mac and peace of mind that your documents are safe. Connect your phone with your mac and every time you turn on or open the lid you will get a notification straight to your phone, you can then use Face ID to unlock your mac. This means that not just can your mac only be accessed with your face but also that if anyone ever tries to log into your laptop you will receive an instant notification.

Once connected with your phone Unlox also allows you to control your laptop, including volume setting, Spotify and iTunes support which is a great additional feature to such a great security system.

[appbox appstore id1313188193]

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