Get your app or software featured by NewsReports

NewsReports is the perfect placement option:

  1. if you want a feature of your software or app
  2. want to increase the popularity of your app
  3. develop credibility in the eyes of the public


The NewsReports team made it easy to talk about your app or software. Simply fill out two forms and submit with a final editorial fee! (The editorial fee helps us cover staff expenses to keep this feature process operating.)

The submission process is similar to the popular game, “Mad Libs!”  Fill in the blanks and explain the story of your  app or software. Also, when submitting, make sure to add a high-quality logo of your software or app. A great logo can go a long way! The form will have a section to submit the logo. Once received, the NewsReport editorial team will use the ‘Mad Libs’ submission to create the final published feature!

To get started, submit your app or software here! 

Keep in mind

NewsReports exercises editorial freedom, thus, the publication only features apps or software that are valuable and of potential interest to the NewsReports audience and readers. The NewsReports team usually only exercises this freedom in unique scenarios or situations.

As a normal rule, NewsReports only accept high-quality apps or software in order to keep our reputation. So, if your app  or software does not meet our standard, the publication will NOT feature it on NewsReports. Usually, the software and apps submitted have at least 500 users+.

Before making an order, please check the editorial requirements:

  1. No gambling, adult and forex apps are accepted
  2. Minimum average rating of the app or software is 3.5
  3. For apps, we only accept ones that are available on Play Store and/or App Store for download