Slices for Twitter tops iOS Apps of the Week

This week’s top iOS apps begins with Slices for Twitter, a fascinating app that breaks down Twitter into categories and lets users really get the most out of the service. For those not obsessed with the blue-bird social network, our other favorite apps this week include a journaling app, a social rights scorecard app, an app to set your out-of-office replies from your iPhone and finally, one to teach your pre-schooler the alphabet.

Slices for Twitter

As the name suggests, Slices for Twitter breaks the darling social network into easy to manage “slices.” Its most prominent feature is its ability to search through 21 different categories so users can find people and lists related to the thing they most want to read about. Slices also features live event streams, which consolidate tweets for a single event on a single feed, and users can also bookmark their favorite feeds for quick access.

Day One – Journal

The journaling app Day One – Journal has received a sizable update with a host of new or improved features. Day One now features better photo integration as well as improved iCloud and Dropbox syncing. It has also added Foursquare check-ins and weather data to its feature set. If keeping a mobile journal is your idea of a good time, Day One just became a much more attractive app.

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The Scorecard – Duke It Out!

The recent kerfuffle in the news regarding Chick-Fil-A’s stance on GLBT rights has a lot of people talking about which companies actually hold the views that they want represented. With The Scorecard – Duke It Out! you can find out for yourself. The Scorecard lets you compare two companies and shows their track-record when it comes to GLBT causes. Over 300 companies are represented in the app, so you can get a good idea of whether the company you’re looking at supports the cause in which you believe.

Responder for Kerio Connect

If your mobile worklife sometimes takes you to a spot where you won’t be available to answer emails, Responder for Kerio Connect is a must-own. The app lets you set an out-of-office response right from your iPhone. You can also check your current status to make sure you haven’t already set up one that you forgot about. Responder lets you save your favorite out-of-office messages for later use, too. Responder also has a “geo-fence perimeter” that can activate or deactivate your out-of-office reply depending on where you’re located.

Look & Learn: Animal Alphabet

Animal Alphabet will help your pre-schooler learn their ABCs with the help of some furry jungle friends and National Geographic. The app has six games with 60 different animals and 100 photographs, animal facts and sound effects. Animal Alphabet even focuses on learning how to write letters so kids won’t just be able to identify the letter and the sound it makes, they’ll be able to write it, too.

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