Ten (not so) smart tablet accessories

While Apple nailed it with its magnetically simple Smart Cover for the iPad 2, there are several less elegant tablet accessories that are far from a perfect fit.

Just as there are an array of smartphone accessories that stretch our imaginations (and budgets), there are also a number of head-scratching trimmings designed for the iPad, Xoom and other tablet computers. Here are ten tablet accessories that are either unnecessary, excessively expensive or just plain ridiculous.

The iPad Bacon Case

Carnivores can now use a slab to carry around a tab with this $59 novelty case designed to resemble real bacon. Usable for all tabs and small laptop computers, Antjes, the German creator of the iPad Bacon Case, also markets leftover versions designed for the iPhone and iPod Shuffle. While owners of this pseudo digital delicacy are unlikely to download Vegan is Easy or other apps created for vegetarians, a pork-packaged iPad is perfect for downloading the Weber’s on the Grill for iPad app. No word yet on whether the case is helpful in fighting against spam.

Jackets and vests by SCOTTEVEST

While ski season is nearly over, the 22-pocket vests and jackets made by Idaho-based SCOTTEVEST include a separate pouch for your pad that you can reach into wherever you travel. Far from a novelty, SCOTTEVEST apparel – which retails for $100 and up – provide perfect cover for those addicted to their digital devices. We just recommend that you store your tablet in the iPad compatible pocket rather than scrolling through screens while cruising down the slopes. One extra bit of legitimacy with this one is that Apple co-founder Steve  Wozniak is a spokesperson for SCOTTEVEST and sits on the company’s board of advisors.

The i-Con Bed

It’s one thing to reach for your iPad as the first thing you do when you get out of bed every morning. It’s another to actually awaken in a bed equipped with two iPad docking stations, four enclosed speakers and a 250 watt amplifier! For the low low price of $20,000, the i-Con bed frame made by Hollandia International can be yours. For the 99.999 percent of the population that could never rest comfortably spending that amount of money on a bed, leaving your iPad or tablet computer on the stand next to the alarm clock seems like a much more affordable option.

Louis Vuitton Canvas Case

For those who are slaves to fashion as well as to technology, there are a number of stylish cases to choose from representing the swankiest of brands. This Louis Vuitton case will run you $350, and is designed to slip within a handbag or briefcase. Burberry, Gucci and Oscar de la Renta also offer tablet cases. The serious “money bags” shoppers out there can fork over $1500 for the Chanel version.

Syte Shirt

We may not be that far away from the point in time when computers, tablets and phones become literally connected to us. Until then, early adopters can pick up the iPad Syte Shirt. Starting at $50, the Syte Shirt lets people show off their tablet front and center courtesy of an invisible zipper and see-through screen. The unisex shirt is machine washable (must make sure to remove your device) and comes equipped with two holes for headphones and a charger. Note there are separate styles for showcasing your tablet in landscape or portrait modes just in case you needed that additional option.


Other oddball accessories

Miniot Cover for the iPad 2: Of course the most notable wooden cover for the iPad is made in Holland. This cover and three-way stand can be yours for yours for as little as $70.

i-Sketch Sleeve: The classic Etch-a-Sketch game was a pioneer in the tablet genre. While a real Etch-a-Sketch will still only run you little more than pocket change, the kitchy i-Sketch sleeve for $34 can make your iPad look like its more primitive ancestor.

iPad Chair: For those unwilling or unable to pay twenty grand for the i-Con bed, this Lazy Boy 2.0 will only run you about $6,000. Still too much scratch? At least it includes a cup holder.

Mervis Diamond iPad Case: Although this diamond-encrusted case might get you out of your significant other’s doghouse, at $20,000 it may also put you in the poor house.

C-3PO iPad Case: Obsessive Star Wars fans probably wouldn’t think twice about buying an iPad-friendly backpack made to resemble C-3PO. But wouldn’t it make more sense for “Droid” tablets?

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