5 Best K-12 iPad Education Apps

Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere’s Ride – A Fingerprint Network App

$4.99. From Cognitive Kid, creator of immersive education apps. A new way to learn American history. Make a map of the 13 colonies, tossing tea into the Boston Harbor, and joining in on Paul Revere’s ride.


Frog Dissection

Frogs (and those who don’t fancy slicing into a formerly living creature) will rejoice, as this app lets you virtually dissect that ribetting amphibian. Learn biology as you open up a virtual frog and identify its organs.


History:Maps of World

Free. Students learn geography through these beautiful historical maps.


Motion Math: Fractions!

$2.99. Kids learn fractions through a game where they have to send a star back to its home by placing fractions on the correct place on a numberline.


Khan Academy: you can learn anything

Free. Thousands of videos on topics ranging from math, science, finance, and history.


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