Android apps for the blushing bride

It’s that time of year—flowers, tulle and more tulle.  That’s right, it’s wedding season.  And whether or not you’re the one getting married, there’s something exciting about eternal love being in the air.

Maybe it’s the summer heat, but we don’t care.  Here are some Android apps for the blushing bride.

Keeping you on task

Wedding Plan-it is one of the only dedicated wedding organizers in the Android Market.  At $2.99, this fully-loaded app lets you manage all the events of your wedding, from the dress fittings to the reception.  Manage your guest list for each event, which is synced with your phone contacts for easy correspondence. Stats and reports also offer nice overviews of event budgets, confirmed venues, and more.

If you can us a little imagination, the Astrid task manager can keep you on top of your wedding as well.  The free Android app has custom folders, file sharing and list management tools. Certain action items can be assigned for various tasks, with searchable tag words, estimated time of completion and other handy features.

Maintaining your weight is necessary for fitting into that dress, so keep tabs on your diet with Absolute Fitness.  The $4.99 Android app gives you all the tools you need to stay on track, from journals to daily food intake. This personal database can help motivate you, and keep you especially committed to your regimen.

Staying trendy

What’s wedding season without the reality shows?’s free Android app brings you CBS programming straight to your phone.  Though network-specific, there’s always a good wedding program to catch, streamed directly from this easy-to-use app.

NewsRob is a free Google Reader app that will help you keep up with your favorite wedding blogs. Organize folders for the blogs you follow, get alerts when new items arrive, and share items with friends.

Hear a song for the playlist? SoundHound will  identify and tag it, so you can quickly get all the details you need. You can also search for a song, hear a snippet, bookmark it and purchase the mp3 version. The free Android app is also halfway decent at recognizing a song if you hum it.  Added bonus: SoundHound provides lyrics as well.

Sharing the love

Convince your Android-toting guests to download the Snap Photo Pro app.  At 99 cents, it offers quality photo-taking options, such as a timer, multi-shot options, brightness and filters.  When all is said and done, get your guests to share the photos so everyone can join in on the fun.

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