Apps for the College Kid

Grades ~ roadmap to an A

At the end of the semester, we all scramble to remember our exam grades and figure out what grade we need on the final to get an A. This app takes away the work and tracks it all for you!



If you’re anything like me, your syllabus that was handed out on the first day of class undoubtedly is lost by the next day. With this app, I can keep track of all my assignments and due dates in one place!


Rate My Professors

Ever have a professor that makes your favorite subject miserable? Not anymore! With Rate Your Professor you can check out the professors that teach your class before walking in the door so you can avoid those mean and boring professors.


PocketCAS 2 pro for iPhone

Graphing calculators are expensive, so any chance you can get to find a less expensive alternative is welcome, especially for those classes you’re required to take (calculus anyone? GROSS.)


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