Be your own demolition man with the Implode! iPhone app

It can be very exhilarating sometimes to just break stuff. Of course, the repercussions can be a drag. Implode! gives you something to break, without all the cleanup and expense. 

The $1.99 app is essentially series of screens with wireframe buildings that you must arm with various explosives. Once the buildings are armed, you pull the plunger and see if you were able to blow up enough of the building to pass on to the next level.

Over time, the levels become more difficult to blow up, you get different bombs, and you have to avoid letting the debris from your building hit another structure. It’s incredibly simple, but also quite a bit of fun.

Part of what makes Implode! fun is that the game employs what appears to be a decent physics engine. I’ve never had the pleasure of demolishing a building with dynamite, but the wireframe models behave like you’d think they ought to, and blowing up some dynamite at the joints in a structure is obviously more effective than blowing it up from the top down.

While there isn’t a tremendous amount of variety, I’d still recommend this app for anyone who wouldn’t mind blowing off some steam, along with a few wireframe buildings.

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