Caniner Doggie Diary logs the milestones of man’s best friend

Keeping track of Fido’s habits can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large family looking after your pup. But don’t think you need to create a Facebook account for your dog, simply to have an accurate timeline. Now there’s Caniner Doggie Diary, a fluid Path-esque timeline for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Caniner Doggie Diary has a gorgeous interface that makes tracking your dog’s important information incredibly enjoyable. You can use Caniner for a variety of things: tracking personal milestones, vet appointments, eating and playing habits, a walk schedule or when medication was given. When you add events in the future, such as a vet visit, you can automatically have the event imported to your iPhone calendar.

Perhaps Caniner’s best feature is its ability to sync to the cloud. Through this, you can have a Caniner account and the app on a variety of devices and sync your updates. That means your kid or husband can check their device to make sure Fido doesn’t get two doses of medication when he only needs one, or gets the refill of food he’s due. Plus, you can set up multiple profiles if you have more than one dog. I don’t see any reason beyond its name why you couldn’t use the app for cats or other pets, too.

It’s up to you how much information you want to log in Caniner. While I probably wouldn’t log everyday walks and the like, I’ll definitely be using the app to track my pup’s monthly medications, for logging vet appointments, and for keeping myriad adorable photos in a convenient location.

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