Changing channels: YouTube no longer included in iOS 6

While the next-generation iPhone will offer an assortment of new bells and whistles, one thing the device won’t have is a pre-installed version of YouTube.

Apple confirmed to The Verge earlier today that the license to include the YouTube app has expired and that the company has no plans to include the leading video distribution service in its upcoming iOS 6 operating system (which will power the next phone).

Does this mean that iDevice owners won’t be able to access YouTube on their iPhones, iPads or iPods? Far from it. YouTube will still be accessible via Chrome, and Google is reportedly working on a standalone version of the service that will be available to download from the App Store.

YouTube is not the first blue chip Google property to be removed from iOS 6. Apple will be replacing Google Maps with its own proprietary mapping app as well.

Last June, Apple unveiled many of the key features of iOS 6 during the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The company is reportedly ready to introduce a new iPhone (and perhaps an iPad Mini) next month.

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