Connect for fun with the Connect 4 iPhone app

Never before has the game of Connect 4 been so sophisticated. While the object of the game is still to be the first to connect four or more chips in a row, the game experience itself is now amped up in the EA Mobile Connect 4 iPhone app ($2.99) version of the class board game.

Choose to play the classic Connect 4 against the computer, or challenge friends with the multiplayer settings. In addition to pass and play, you can even challenge your coworkers to a quick game break via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, as long as they have the Connect 4 app as well. I definitely feel a Connect 4 war coming on at work this week.

New in the iPhone app version is game play, souped-up with extra special chips that clear rows and block spaces.

The background music is a little annoying, but the app says it can easily be fixed by changing the option to play tunes from your iPod library. Only, I couldn’t find this option and the app crashed when I tried to go into it when playing music. Not to mention the app crashed upon opening the first dozen times I opened it after downloading. But once it started working, I was addicted.

I’m a volunteer tutor for a grade school-age student, and I used to dread when it was game time. Playing Connect 4 the old school way always put a damper on my mood. Next time, I’m going to pull out my iPod Touch version of Connect 4, and I’ll be the best tutor in the room! Especially when we can listen to Beyonce croon as we play. The best part, we never have to worry about lost chips or cleanup!

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