Cosmo introduces iPad-only edition for guys

Fear not girlfriends who often find their copy of Cosmopolitan mysteriously missing each month thanks to a curious partner, the magazine has launched CFG: Cosmo For Guys on the iPad.

The publication decided to capitalize on the fact that approximately 7.4 percent of its readership is male, according to MRI, and more than one-third of visitors to its website each month are men, according to Cosmo Editor-in-Chief Kate White. White claims she has received hundreds of letters and emails over the past decade from men claim they pirate their partners’ copy of the magazine.

After creating a mock-up version of men’s Cosmo a while back, White decided it was unlikely men would actually want to be seen purchasing it. But the iPad offered an opportunity for them to purchase and read in private, while engaging in the interactive experience offered by a website.

The application, which Mashable claims is more interactive than the bonus issue Cosmo published on the iPad this spring, features moving flowcharts and re-sizable video. Additionally, the “Will She Like It?” and “Read Her Mind” features utilize live poll data from the magazine’s website to help men get an idea of what fashion trends women are interested in and what movies they plan to see in the near future, among other endlessly important surveys. Rather than having a table of contents like a typical magazine, the app’s home screen offers five pairs of section titles and thumbnails for readers to select.

It remains to be seen if all the pirating men out there will actually shell out $3.99 per issue or $19.99 per year for this resource. And, if your man is not just reading it for the articles and instead prefers the pretty pictures of models and celebrities, you may have to continue guarding your issue when it arrives in the mail each month.

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