Cure Diseases and Dodge Pollution with These Ready Games Secret Codes!

Experience two exclusive mini-games with these handy codes!

Infinite mini-game generator The Ready Games is packed full of dozens of great bite-sized experiences, as you’ve no doubt experienced after our review. While typically locked behind a paywall, the developers have crafted two very special, socially aware games in the name of vaccination and environmental awareness, Vaxxed! and Trashed. They’ve graciously provided us with the secret codes necessary to unlock each game for free, so you can play each to your hearts content and compete for your spot on the leaderboard!

Now, to redeem these codes, you’re going to want to tap the three dots from the main menu. Next, select Secret Games. Once there, you’ll be prompted for the following codes:

For Vaxx! – Get Vaxxed

For Trashed – Trash Island

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