Daily Digg iPad app refreshes its image

The the new updated version of the free Daily Digg iPad app just came out, and gives this app new life.

In a completely new layout, Daily Digg’s app really stands out. It delivers all of your favorite digged news articles, and displays them in a friendly newspaper-like format. For those of who you don’t like how the actually website looks, this app will be sure to be easy on your eyes.

You can flip through the pages of this virtual newspaper by choosing different sections at the bottom. Also, as opposed to the website – which devotes a lot of space to the amount of diggs and comments – this app is focused more on the headlines and first few lines of the articles. It also mentions how many diggs, but in smaller font in order to emphasize what the story is about and not waste valuable real estate on the iPad screen.

The app is easy to use, and loads pretty quickly, even when I was stuck in a bad wifi spot. The categories are somewhat malleable, having only two other categories that you can add to the bottom tab, so other than that, the app is pretty static. I definitely like the way the app lays out the news. It is much easier to read, and isn’t as jumbled as their website.

The other functionality this app provides is that you can tweet, copy or email the link right from the app. This makes it very simple for you to be able to share with your friends any article that you might think they’d find interesting. For those of you that love their edgy articles and off-the-cuff news, this app is definitely for you. Since it’s free, I would recommend that anyone who likes to stay current with the day’s top stories should get this app. It doesn’t have your typical boring news stories, but it shows them in the typical, yet comfortable way.

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