Finger Physics iPhone app shines with variety

It’s difficult for me to describe Finger Physics exactly, other than to say it’s sort of like having a set of building blocks and some short instructions at your fingertips. While early levels in this makeshift puzzle game will have you simply trying to stack the blocks to a predetermined height without them all falling down, the game offers more complex pieces as you go.

That variety of objectives might be the most rewarding part of Finger Physics. Instead of 20 levels of block stacking, you’ll get a few stackers mixed in with a level where tapping a block makes it disappear, and you’ve got to make the right blocks disappear to land an egg in a basket.

In another level, the blocks are magnetized, and you have make sure certain blocks are “attracted” to one another to finish the level. While the basic concepts in Finger Physics reappear over time, rarely do two straight levels offer the same challenge.

Visually, the app also has a style all its own. With a color scheme that leans on shades of purples and blues, the game has a calm look that goes well with its mostly wallpapered backgrounds that evoke a bit of the still-frame backgrounds from oddball cartoons like Ren & Stimpy or Spongebob Squarepants.

Finger Physics isn’t a must-have app, but it is more than worth owning. What it lacks in game modes it slightly makes up for in variety of puzzles. Just don’t expect to be playing it 24/7.

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