Fresh iPhone Apps for Aug. 3: Trail Maps by National Geographic, TaskBook, Dice Soccer, Flick Rocket

Grab your iPhone and start hiking with today’s leading Fresh iPhone App, Trail Maps by National Geographic. It provides maps and route tracking wherever you are. Following it is TaskBook, a to-do list organizer that uses drag-and-drop controls. Dice Soccer leads today’s games, putting players in the role of team manager in something of a game of chance. Then there’s Flick Rocket, a Space Invaders-like arcade game that has you defending 8-bit cities from alien attack.

Trail Maps by National Geographic (iPhone, iPad) $2.99

Whether you’re looking for local hiking trails or just hoping to track and save your favorite bike routes around your neighborhood, Trail Maps by National Geographic is ready to help out. The app is filled with topographical and satellite maps of lots of different areas, and uses your iOS device’s GPS capabilities to figure out where you are and help you navigate.

Trail Maps features a map library to keep track of all the places you visit and the routes you take, and you set waypoints and pins along the way to mark important locations on your map. The app will even allow you to track elements like elevation and other details about your hikes.

TaskBook: To-Do List Organizer (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

While there are a lot of apps that help to organized to-do lists in the App Store, the best ones are made to be extremely easy to use. TaskBook is one such app, allowing you to write down the various tasks you might have and manipulate and organize them by dragging and dropping them, either to adjust their order or to classify them with different tabs.

You can move tasks around to check them off as completed or prioritize them, and TaskBook allows you to add information to all your list items so you have everything you need to accomplish them. That includes photos or voice notes that can be attached right to the item. You can also show your tasks as a checklist and export everything to your calendar to help keep organized.

Dice Soccer (iPhone, iPad) Free

Dice Soccer is a bit of an interesting take on athletics. The game isn’t about controlling players and making action-packed plays, but instead about managing your team and a little bit of random chance. Each interaction between your team and your opponents’ boils down to dice rolls, and each die represents one of your players in each play. Whichever team has the highest total roll gets to move the ball forward.

Each member of your team has special abilities, however: roll a three on your forward, for example, and you might get the ability to double another teammate’s roll. The goal is to effectively trade and hire players so you can win games.

Flick Rocket (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Think about Space Invaders or Asteroids and you’ve got a sense of what the old-school arcade game Flick Rocket is like. In each level, you’re tasked with defending a city from invading aliens by, you guessed it, flicking rockets in their general direction. The rockets can take out your enemies and destroy their laser blasts to protect your buildings and rack up high scores.

Flick Rocket comes with two game modes – an Arcade mode and a Campaign mode – with more on the way. It also features Game Center achievements and leaderboards, and a great 8-bit pixelated graphical style.

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