General knowledge trivia quiz

NTQZ – Funny General Knowledge Geography Science Trivia Quiz Kids app

I love to play quizzes – serious quizzes, that asks about real stuff. However one gets bored of facts and figures sometimes. How do kids manage to play such high voltage game?

Something tells me only highly aggressive kids can be serious fans of current quizzing format…unless serious quizzes starts wearing funny mask…

So I am creating this list, starting it with my personal favorite NTQZ (AntiQuiz) – a quiz with a twist. You get scores (only if) you answer wrong..and must be funny too..!
NTQZ is free on app store. However if you would like to enjoy with depth, it has General knowledge trivia, geography trivia and science trivia available for purchase too.


The Impossible – Test

Ingenius design and use of technology!


Weird Facts 1000! Fun, Random, Interesting, True and Cool Fact of the Day for FREE!

Indeed a magnet for those kids who hate to read…


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