Geodelic iPhone app tells you where to go

I love iPhone apps like Geodelic; apps that tell you everything that surrounds your current location, whether it be food, drink, entertainment and more. Geodelic, in particular, informs you about the closest banks, bars and nightclubs, restaurants, and sports and recreation stops. For example, I didn’t know there was a place to play paintball nearby, or an offshore sailing school.

This free app directs you to health and beauty stores, arts and culture spots like the library, a sculpture center, and the Greenpoint Monitor Museum. There is also Wikidelic, which I initially thought meant Wikipedia entries about local thoroughfares—the Pulaski Bridge and the LIC LIRR station were among the first to pop up—but then Water Taxi Beach and the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Museum followed those two entries; maybe Wikidelic just means that anything around you with a Wikipedia entry?

Other categories include: services, shopping, coffee shops, fast food and snacks, movies, gas stations, taxis, kids and pets, groceries and essentials, hotels and travel, and lastly, transportation. Some of these seemed to have the wrong titles. Transportation should have been something more car-specific; what was listed in this section were several parking garages, a car wash, and only one thing that could actually count as transportation, some rental car spots.

You could view all of these locations in list form or in carousel form, which rotates each place in a circle (you can control whether it goes clockwise or counterclockwise). Also, once you select a grocery store, pizzeria, etc., Citysearch and Yelp! information is presented (if it exists), along with the address and phone number. It also offers the option to map a route from where you are to your desired destination, and you can directly call each place from the app. Say you find an Italian dinner date spot and you would like to call to make a reservation; you don’t even have to leave the app to place the call.  Not to shabby for an app.

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