iPad, iPhone and Android apps to help the bride conquer her wedding day

As wedding season progresses, the “I do’s” are ringing more frequently.  That’s more brides with more wedding days — and more potential disasters.  Thankfully, your iPhone, iPad or Android phone can get you out of any wedding day bind.

For the bride that wants it all, here are some mobile apps that will help you grace your way through your big day.

Keeping it Together

iWedding Deluxe is everything you need for your wedding organization. Contacts with sync options, guest lists, search and management tools keep all the details you need at the tip of your finger (or your best friend’s, rather). The $7.99 iPhone app is as necessary on your big day as it was planning for it.

With your to-do lists and vendor list, you’ll have all the necessary information on hand with WeddingWire. The free iPhone app has management tools for planning the wedding, and a vendor search in case you need some last-minute help to avoid disaster. The included countdown will also bring you a nice surprise on your wedding day.

Wedding Plan-it for Android is a handy assistant for planning the wedding. The $2.99 app has your check lists, guest information and reports to help you stay on top of the wedding day itself. Contact sync, event-planning tools and list management options will give you peace of mind.

Feelin’ Good

There’s nothing like good music to get you in the mood.  MoodAgent is a free iPhone app that creates custom playlists based on your mood. So whether you’re dressing with your bridesmaids or being your own DJ, MoodAgent will keep the big day feeling just right.

Got some spare time while you’re getting your coif perfected? Try a round of Soosiz HD. For $1.99, this iPad app will ward off anxious nerves or boredom. Save your adorable friends and explore their beautiful worlds with one adventure after another. It takes up just the right amount of attention and is loads of fun.

Need to keep tabs on friends or search for a nearby seamstress?  Loopt can help you with that. The app is free on the iPhone and Android, and offers a useful way to keep in touch with multiple people in relation to their physical location. That should curb some stress!

Lookin’ Good

Glamzy is a useful Android app that lets you create the look you want, right on your phone screen. The free app lets you save specific info like the brand name and product number for MAC cosmetics, along with tips and tricks for various techniques. Have it all on hand on your wedding day, so there’s no mistake on how you’ll look.

Easy Makeup and Hair is a free iPhone app that offers techniques and tutorials on all things beauty. Videos show the step-by-step process for various styles. If you find yourself without a hair and makeup artist, avoid tragedy and get the resources you need, right from your phone.

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