iPhone app IMDb is reason for movie buffs to rejoice

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For movie lovers who can't wait to find cool factoids on the film they just watched, iPhone users can turn to the IMDb iPhone app.  

Often, even before the credits stop rolling, the boyfriend has his iPhone browser loaded to IMDb to look up whatever actor’s name we’ve missed, to find out what else “that guy” has been in, or to see if there’s any interesting trivia about whatever it is we’ve just watched. Now he can get his film information fix via the free IMDb iPhone app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

For a casual user like myself, I’m not terribly upset that there’s no way to log in to an IMDb account, but if rating movies is why you’re an IMDb user, know that you can’t currently do so in-app. There is also no access to the site’s message boards and you can’t submit reviews.

But aside from these minor issues some users might have, I think the IMDb iPhone app is stellar—perhaps even better than the regular Web site itself. Searching is easy and the information is displayed in an easy-to-read manner. Photos are available and trailers stream quickly, even over 3G.

Using your current location—you can search via zip code if you’re on the move—the iPhone app can find nearby theaters and show times for you. There are dedicated tabs on the home page for coming attractions, box office results, IMDb’s Top 250 movies, and the MOVIEmeter. If that’s not enough to convince you that this free app is worth checking out, you can also find television listings, television recaps and IMDb’s popular “Born Today” listings.

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