iPhone App Video Review: Demolition Master 3D

The game is very strategic, and isn’t just about random destruction. The goal of each level is to simultaneously destroy certain objects on the map as well as bring the structure down to a certain height. These things make up your rating. Destroying every random green and gold object and bring the structure down to the gold height results in three stars. This is easier said than done though. The various construction materials all react differently to the four different explosives you’ll have at your disposal. Strategic placement is very important, and there is a lot of data to keep track of. Luckily, there is a helpful hint sheet to remind you about the properties of every object and explosive.

The only thing that really drags this game down is the controls. Between all the random double tapping you have to do, and the structures being so complex, it can be easy to randomly move, erase, and displace your carefully placed explosives. This is a constant looming danger as you tweak your explosive placements to get the perfect results, and can make the tougher puzzles unnecessarily frustrating. Zooming in all the way can be very helpful, and the reset button can be a life saver in cases like this. Otherwise, the gameplay and puzzles are great.

The graphics and sound are all good, and the explosion effects are really cool. Sometimes I wish you could slow things down to see exactly what’s happening when the carnage begins, but that’s nitpicking. Game Center and OpenFeint are both supported, as is a separate in-game reward system for each city you play in. This is a solid puzzle title that will make you use your noodle, and it’s only one dollar. Check it out.

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